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Masarondak Plate Stepping Tradition in Arborek Tourism Village, Raja Ampat, West Papua

by Senaman
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PAPUA BARAT – Arborek Tourism Village in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua has a unique welcoming tradition, namely the tradition of stepping on a plate. The head of the Arborek Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) named Ronald Mambrasar said, the name of this tradition is Mansorandak, usually the tradition is carried out to certain guests who are considered special, “Guests such as the Ministry or the Regional Government, but if ordinary guests, they will only be welcomed by a welcoming dance from the boat.”

Mansarondak is a tradition that has existed for generations in the Land of Papua, including in Arborek Tourism Village, this tradition has its own philosophy for people who first set foot on Arborek Island, “Mansarondak means ‘to wash your face’, we celebrate people who first come to our place, the ritual is like that and has been there for a long time,” he said.

Indonesian Intangible Cultural Heritage managed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, the Mansorandak tradition is a ceremony to welcome people who go or return from a newly visited place, the meaning behind this tradition is to express gratitude because the person returned or arrived safely, Ronald said that the Mansorandak tradition is not only carried out to welcome guests who have just set foot in Arborek Village, This tradition is also carried out by local residents to welcome their families who are visiting a place for the first time and if the person being picked up is still a child, then the child will immediately be carried by his uncle using a cloth that has been prepared, then at home a party is held, prepared food is hung with ropes, such as ketupat with chicken, bananas, sugar cane, betel nut, and others called Abiyoker.

Indonesian Intangible Cultural Heritage, the welcome will be carried out at the place according to the type of transportation used by the person concerned.

When the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno visited the Arborek Tourism Village by fast boat on Wednesday, at that time he was immediately welcomed by the Arborek residents with the Mansorandak tradition at the dock and this Mansorandak procession upon Sandiaga Uno arrival was carried out with praise and gratitude by the Customary Old Arborek Village using the Biak King Of Ampat language, and as for the pronunciation of praise and gratitude this was done because Sandiaga and his entourage had arrived safely, Ronald said that as a form of honor for Sandiaga Uno’s visit, the Arborek community made Mansarondak rituals and Arborek culture, after the Mansarondak traditional procession Sandiaga Uno was given a mat hat made by Mom Papua Arborek Village as a tribute to the guests who came and Sandiaga Uno cut the ribbon as a sign of the inauguration of the Arborek Tourism Village Gate which was included in the top 50 nominations for the Indonesia Best Tourism Village Award.

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