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Language Learning in Papua is So Important, It Is Not Just Only The Locals Tribe Languages

by Senaman
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Language skills in Papua have some interesting aspects to think about. Starting with the idea that the Papuans must preserve the original, local language of their tribe so that it does not extinct. There is also another opinion which says that Indonesian language skills must be taught to Papuans immediately as part of a Indonesian. The goal is of course to make it easier for the government to standardize education. The teaching materials used in schools are standard Indonesian language teaching materials that Papuans inevitably need to understand. Over time, a new view emerged that Papuans must be able to speak a foreign language, at least English, to prepare for life in the future with all the current modernization and technological development.

These three different assumptions and opinion about how the Papuans have to skilfully languaged certainly raise new questions, namely, how should Papuans speak?

The answer to this question does not lead to absolute truth, but to the benefit of the people of Papua living their lives.

It is clear that indigenous Papuan languages ​​cannot be erased, let alone the possibility of extinction. Each Papuan tribe has a decreasing number of speakers of different regional languages. A new generation of Papuans were introduced to the Indonesian language so that they could receive the formal education required as Indonesian citizens, from kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school/vocational school, and ending with university. All levels of formal education use the Indonesian language, Bahasa.

The above statement is a supportive response to Bahasa as a language that all Papuans must know. By starting to read, write and count, the people of Papua will adapt to current events more quickly. Although Papuans need to maintain their mother tongue, they also need to know and speak Indonesian in Indonesia.

Another question is a foreign language, does it matter? The answer is of course no less important. Foreign languages, especially English, have become international languages ​​used in term of globalization. The perception that things are getting easier, English skills are a concern. In addition, one of the requirements for mastering modern technology is the ability to speak English, which guides the use of various modern tools.

So according to the method described, to know three languages, you need to know at least Papuan. It starts with the mother, local, original tongue they speak with their tribe. Second, the people of Indonesia have access to formal education and are also part of the Indonesia with the Bahasa. Thirdly, a foreign language, at least English, so that it is possible to adapt to modernity and globalization without limitations and to be able to use newest technologies.

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