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Journalist in Central Papua Together with the United General Election Commission Fight Hoaxes Ahead of the General Election

by Senaman
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Journalists are the main mouthpiece for the public in obtaining information. This includes journalists covering the General Election which will be held in Central Papua. News written by journalists is a source of information that the public will read and trust. So, it is important for the public to understand whether the news written is real news or artificial news that contains negative content such as hoaxes. The impact that can be caused by writing by journalists can trigger the emergence of conflict. Especially before the General Election, of course the legitimacy and validity of a journalist’s writing needs to be explored more deeply. Therefore, to anticipate the spread of news containing negative content such as hoaxes ahead of the General Election, the Central Papua Province General Election Commission invited journalists to dinner while establishing a joint commitment to prepare for the general election.

The main role of journalists in the period leading up to the general election is to cover and report on the conditions and situations of the various parties involved in the general election. Starting from news about prospective participants who will be selected in the election, preparations made by the General Election Commission, and even news about political parties that will participate in the general election. The large number of topics that can be covered and reported by journalists should be accompanied by the seriousness of the journalists to present real news without exaggerating or reducing it so as to create a point of view that can trigger conflict. Especially when the news published turns out to be hoax news that is not in accordance with existing conditions. Journalists should maintain their integrity through honest and accountable reporting.

Apart from their role in covering and reporting, journalists in the general election process are also expected to be able to assist the duties of the General Election Commission and also the General Election Supervisory Body in Central Papua Province to supervise the running of the general election process. This means that, even though journalists will cover and report actual events, when problems occur, the public has the right to know about them through news published as a result of the journalist’s writing. The fact that when there is a problem there is no need to cover it up because when it is not reported or is even reported otherwise, then it is the same as writing news that is a hoax.

The General Election Commission certainly hopes for a conducive and smooth general election so that the people who take part in this democratic party also participate peacefully. Journalists have an important role in creating smooth general elections. The opinions that journalists try to convey should be the facts on the ground. However, the General Election Commission in Central Papua Province also hopes that journalists will encourage the public to maintain positive thoughts because basically the general election that will be held certainly has the value of transparency which can be seen by the public. Smoothness, security and peace in general elections are the wishes of the General Election Commission which is responsible for the process of running general elections.

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