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Governor And KPU Invite To Maintain Security And Order In The Election Of Governor And Deputy Governor Of Papua 2024

by Senaman
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PAPUA – The launch of the Election of the Governor and Deputy Governor of Papua in 2024 on Saturday night May 24, 2024 organized by the General Election Commission was lively and the presence of several artists attracted the public to spill out in the activity and also several high-ranking officials attended this launch activity, namely:

  1. Member of the Indonesian General Election Commission Muhammad Mahmudin,
  2. All chairmen of the Provincial Election Commission in the Land of Papua,
  3. Chairman of the MRP from 6 Provinces of Expansion,
  4. Forkopimda,
  5. Officials of the Regent of Jayapura,
  6. Ass 1 Supiori Regent,
  7. Bawaslu and KPU partners.

The Governor of Papua in his speech read by Plt. Assistant 1 for Government Affairs of the Papua Regional Secretary Yohanes Walilo, S.Sos said that in the simultaneous Regional Head Election on November 27, we will get leaders who have strong legitimacy in accordance with the stipulation of PKPU Number 2 of 2024 concerning the stages of the election of Governors and Deputy Governors, Regents and Deputy Regents and Mayors and Deputy Mayors in 2024 and an increase in voter participation in the simultaneous elections is also expected to encourage the quality of community democracy, seeing the participation of the General Election on February 14, 2024 which was very positive nationally recorded above 81% of the number of voters.

The government hopes that all General Election Commissions at the Provincial and Regency or City levels will work in accordance with the provisions of existing laws and regulations so that potential conflicts can be minimized during the elections, the Regional Grant Agreement Memorandum has been signed, immediately make disbursements considering that the preparation stage has begun.

The Governor hopes that in the Regional Head Election, the Regional Head Election participants through their supporting political parties can maintain security stability by conditioning their supporters not to act outside the provisions of the law – invitation and for all of us the most important thing is to do our respective duties and functions so that the simultaneous elections can run smoothly.

Chairman of the Papua Provincial General Election Commission Steve Dumbon said that the General Election Commission has carried out preparatory stages throughout the Land of Papua which will continue until August by accepting registration for the Governor and Deputy Governor Candidates until the election on November 27, 2024. Steve Dumbon also invited to jointly maintain security and order and participate in helping the process of this regional head stage, “on November 27, we will elect the best Governor – Deputy Governor, Mayor – Deputy Mayor and Regent – Deputy Regent in accordance with the choice and wishes of the people as well as in accordance with God’s choice,” he said.

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