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Jayapura – Base G Beach, better known as Tanjung Ria Beach, is one of the main attractions in Jayapura, Papua. Papua is famous for its unspoiled natural beauty, and Base G Beach is no exception. Base G Beach can be visited by using various types of vehicles with a travel time of approximately 20 minutes from the city, with paved road access. If visitors take the Sentani Airport benchmark, the land travel time is about 1.5 hours.

This beach has a long history, used as a home base by allied forces in World War II in 1944, which later became known as Base G. Located north of Jayapura City, Base G Beach offers a green and beautiful atmosphere. Although it is well known, this beach still maintains its natural beauty.

The name Base G was actually a code word created by the Allied Forces for the city of Jayapura. The allies under the command of 5-star General Douglas Mcarthur with his famous motto “I shall return” carried out a “leapfrog” attack strategy. The attack started from Hawaii towards the west and each place was coded.

Jayapura City was the 7th stopover codenamed Basis G or Base G. After the allied forces left Jayapura city the name was later immortalized on a beautiful beach on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The name remains eternal to this day, Base Beach. G began with the Japanese Army’s attack on December 7, 1941 on the United States Naval base Pearl Harbour in Oahu – Hawaii which brought the United States into World War II.

The clear blue water, white sand, and calm waves make this beach a little paradise for tourists. The beach also has an interesting history as a strategic spot during World War II. Shady green trees flourish on the beachfront, providing shade and relaxation.

Some interesting activities at Base G Beach that visitors can enjoy, such as:

  1. Enjoying Sunset: The moment of sunset at this beach is highly anticipated, with orange rays that give a romantic impression.
  2. Sunbathing: This beach is perfect for sunbathing, especially towards noon when the sun starts to rise.

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