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The Spirit of the People of Central Papua for Sustainable Economic Development Through the Cenderawasih Festival

by Senaman
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The development of new autonomous regions, as a further development of the Special Autonomous Region in the Papua region, will automatically bring great changes in various areas of people’s lives. Ecomony and business is one area that will be clearly affected by the introduction of special autonomy. When it comes to economics, Papua is an exception. Society, especially the indigenous people of Papua, naturally has its own economic standards of evaluation that are common throughout society. Indices, rules or other criteria related to the economic level do not apply in Papua. The indigenous Papuans have their own livelihood and are always sufficient to meet their economic needs as long as they are still able to exploit the abundant natural resources. Therefore, it can be said that the local Papuans have a sufficient economic level. However, the development of new autonomous regions will encourage people throughout Papua to implement an economic system that they see fit for their lives. The Central Papua region, based on various studies and the role of the government in it, believes that sustainable economic development is the answer to a successful economic system for the people living there.

Sustainable economic development refers to an economic system that is permanent and can be implemented many years from now. In addition, sustainable economic development is about improving the state of business life and the situation in society by paying attention to the surrounding natural conditions and simultaneously using and maintaining it to remain sustainable. Such a system is definitely suitable for the people of the Central Papua region, especially the indigenous people of Papua, whose livelihoods still depend on natural conditions and resource exploitation.

The Central Government of Papua Province works with various stakeholders to formulate appropriate and sustainable economic plans and policies in line with economic development. The Cenderawasih Festival is one answer. This festival is an event that started in the market, where the economic agents of Central Papua participate. Micro, small and medium enterprises led by Central Papuans flooded the festival. As the name suggests, the Cenderawasih bird is native to Papua. Everything from agricultural products, garden products, handicrafts, food, drinks to traditional medicines known to be effective. Everything that is sold is related to natural resources that are processed in such a way that they have a sale value to society and can economically improve their living conditions.

The Cenderawasih festival is expected to continue in the future. Such events must also be accompanied by entertainment such as performances of traditional dances and songs from the Central Papuan tribes. Tourists will also be interested in visiting the festival and this will automatically increase the profitability of the economy there. The sustainable economic development that the people of Central Papua seek can be achieved through the cooperation of all parties.

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