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Digital Marketing to Support Indigenous Papuan Entrepreneurship in South West Papua Province

by Senaman
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The evolution of the times accompanied by progress and especially technological progress provides opportunities for society to achieve the desired goals. Entrepreneurship is an activity that can take advantage of these things to reach a wider market. This opportunity encourages people, especially entrepreneurs, to utilize modern technology to maintain their business. In fact, mastering complexity and leveraging existing technology features will increase sales. Income will automatically increase and people’s standard of living will also increase significantly. Start-up businesses can grow without regional restrictions and can increase employment opportunities that absorb energy in society.

The regional government of South West Papua Province sees the potential for developing digital entrepreneurship through technological advances. So, entrepreneurship training was created to achieve digital marketing goals. Online marketing can reach entire communities. That way, entrepreneurial activities can be carried out in these media. Apart from that, what South West Papua has to offer is cultural heritage. Handicrafts are one of the best products that can only be made by local Papuan people. So far, the production process has not caused any significant obstacles. The products produced have high quality and quantity. The main problem for entrepreneurs is how to sell their products throughout Indonesia and even enter foreign markets. Digital marketing is definitely a viable solution.

Digital entrepreneurship training initiated by the regional government of South West Papua Province will provide knowledge and motivation to local Papuan people who are experienced in the production of typical Papuan crafts. Apart from that, job opportunities will also open up because digital marketing is really needed by many people. Of course, the hope is that there will be a clear division of labor between local Papuan people who have entrepreneurial abilities. There are countries that focus on the production side, there are also those that focus on the distribution side, including advertising and sales. Knowing how to master modern technology, including social media advertising and how to sell craft products, is expected to increase sales.

Digital marketing really needs effective and simple tools for both sellers and buyers. The regional government of South West Papua Province must work together with other countries to provide all the tools and infrastructure needed for digital marketing. Devices with high specifications and internet connections with strong signals are powerful tools to help entrepreneurs in Southwest Papua carry out digital marketing. In addition to digital marketing training, the need for support measures was also highlighted for consideration by the municipality.

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