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Cultural Organizations as the Front Guard of Papua’s Development

by Senaman
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Papua’s development is not only about infrastructure in various areas of life. Cultural organizations need to be taken into account when creating Papua. As the name suggests, cultural organizations often do not have a clear and binding legal entity, but consist of local Papuan communities with all their culture and try to continue to protect what they have. Apart from that, cultural organizations were created because of the feelings of the local Papuan people who believed that they were a unified whole and able to survive. Therefore, cultural organizations are part of Papuan society that deserve approval from the Papua Provincial Government to develop in accordance with current socio-cultural conditions.

Actions that can be taken to address Papuan cultural organizations can start by listening to their complaints. Indigenous Papuans who have lived there since birth have felt the problems of Papua. Conditions in Papua, including the changes that have occurred, are also felt by the local community. Especially when changes in circumstances bring changes to their lives, of course they need a country that can be a forum for expressing their complaints and working together to find the necessary solutions. These decisions then become long-term development strategies and strategies that are able to withstand any changes.

Papuan cultural organizations really need the community’s role in government to continue to exist and live their daily lives. By voicing their complaints and problems, local Papuan people will feel that the regional government also cares about the same feelings. Apart from that, the Papua regional government is also run by the local Papuan community based on their own government. Community members from cultural organizations cannot hold public office as representatives of Papua’s indigenous communities.

The development of Papuan cultural organizations will be in line with development goals, namely improving aspects of local Papuan life. This development has a strong foundation, namely the existence of problems and turmoil within cultural organizations with all the values ​​they adhere to. All these feelings will be processed into solutions in the form of development plans and policies. Cultural organizations are also involved in developing Papuan actors and actresses. Their roles are divided according to their roles. The Papua Provincial Government also continues to monitor development developments through its involvement in cultural organizations and all policy fields. There must be hope to maintain cultural organizations as part of society that cares about the importance of development. Lot of changes in Papua must not eliminate the cultural organization and the values ​​it fosters.

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