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Wamena 1st Annual Conference for the Acceleration of Development in the Highland Papua Province

by Senaman
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The Papuan Policy Analyst examines the current situation in the Papua Highlands region and conducts current situation research to identify existing problems and what solutions need to be planned together with all stakeholders including the government. The 1st annual conference was held in Wamena in 22-23 May, 2024, to promote rapid development under the special mandate of autonomy granted by the central government to the regional government of Papua. Rapid development is also necessary to support the ideals of a golden Indonesia in 2045, when the current generation will become the golden generation, which will be realized by development that aims to improve all aspects of life in the Republic of Indonesia.

This conference focuses on four aspects of life. Starting with infrastructure, health, education and ending with the economy. These four things need to be developed immediately in the Papuan Highlands region to create rapid development that can achieve “Golden Indonesia 2045”. First of all, we are talking about infrastructure in Highland Papua Province. The natural conditions – the mountains, hills and valleys scattered throughout the region – actually call for a tailored infrastructure. Roads must be made of materials that have been proven to withstand such natural conditions. When the roads being built are good and can reach all areas of the Papua region, then significant development can take place in other areas and rapid development can also begin.

Second, a discussion of aspects of the health sector in the Highland Papua Province. Public health is a serious concern as local health indicators have not yet reached their highest points. There is a need to build hospitals or at least community health centers at the village level with qualified health care personnel. In addition, the facility also has medical equipment that can be used effectively. Health care workers are also tasked with communicating information about the importance of health to the public in order to prevent diseases that endanger the public.

Third, aspects of the education sector in the Highland Papua Province are discussed. Education is certainly one of the factors accelerating the development of this field. Educational facilities should be adapted to the conditions and needs of society. At the conference, proposals were made regarding the need for primary and higher education. Vocational schools must teach skills that can support education while preparing educated people who can play a role in the future.

Fourth, the economic aspects of the Highland Papua Province region are discussed. Working life is one aspect of development that needs further development. Economic recovery is associated with an increase in income, which then leads to an increase in the standard of living of the municipality. The use of natural resources in the Papua region may have potential given the wealth of natural resources. However, it is necessary to take into account other factors that can support the economic activity of the community, for example, the formation of markets and regional enterprises.

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