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Preventive Action Is Needed To Deal With Merauke Floods And The Key Is Forest Protection

by Senaman
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MERAUKE, SOUTH PAPUA – Chairman of the Steering Committee for the Acceleration of Special Autonomy Development of South Papua Province Yoseph Yanawo Yolmen said that handling the flood problem in the Merauke area needs to be done immediately preventive action or anticipation of forest protection for the long term, all agricultural activities, All agricultural activities, plantations or land use may be carried out but must be preceded by an Environmental Impact Analysis study because all environmental aspects and their impacts must be considered, “A good Environmental Impact Analysis, it really provides a scientific study so that the impact of each activity carried out will be clearly studied, how preventive action, and how the impact on the community,” said Chairman of BP3OKP South Papua Yoseph Yanawo in Merauke.

South Papua Province needs investors to invest in the southern region because it will provide benefits to the region, namely contributing to increasing Regional Original Revenue for South Papua, the increase in Regional Original Revenue will certainly be used to improve the development and welfare of the community, but Yoseph emphasized, before the activity is carried out it must be preceded by an Environmental Impact Analysis study, “Therefore, the activities that have occurred, we just need to evaluate what will happen in the future, both the Government and friends who are experts in the field of Environmental Impact Analysis studies and the community for us to sit together, so that we can evaluate for the short, medium and long term,” said Yoseph.

Factories that operate on a large scale, it is important that there is a control function to look at all factors starting from drainage disposal whose impact does not pollute or damage the surrounding ecosystem, especially the comfort and survival of the surrounding community, “this is the scientific study that we do, because flooding will always occur when we do not anticipate and protect it properly such as making appropriate drainage and also paying attention to other factors,” said the Chairman of BP3OKP.

The next step is to reforest or replant forests, namely forests that have been deforested so that they can function properly, namely in accordance with their designation again, the goal is to plant trees so that during the rainy season, there is no excessive soil erosion, maximum absorption or absorption occurs, then no puddles or floods that are detrimental to living things and the Merauke flood problem has been followed up to the Central Government in the hope that the Central Government will pay attention to activities that occur in the South Papua area.

On the other hand, there is abrasion at several points on the coast of South Papua, especially Lampu Satu Beach, BP3OKP has reviewed and also evaluated the construction of wave protection buildings so that the beach area becomes productive so that the community can enjoy it and when there is activity there, the relevant OPD also boosts the economy and tourism so that there is an impact on taxes to the region, “we from BP3OKP will always facilitate all problems in the regions and submit them to the center to be followed up by the relevant ministries and we have done that,” said Yoseph.

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