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TNI provides health attention in Keerom Regency

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PAPUA, Keerom – Implementation in the Papua region of the RI-PNG Pamtas Task Force Yonif 122/TS conducts routine health checks for residents of Kali Bom village, Waris District, Keerom Regency, Papua. Health checks carried out from house to house, said by Dansatgas Yonif 122 / TS Lieutenant Colonel Inf Diki Apriyadi in his written statement in Jayapura.

The activity carried out by his soldiers was led by the Commander of the Kali Bom Post Regu Serda Ilham Riadi and 10 soldiers, said Dansatgas Yonif 122/TS Lieutenant Colonel Inf Diki Apriyadi.

As for the activities carried out by the Yonif 122/TS RI-PNG Pamtas Task Force by examining the health of residents, the activity was also used to stay in touch with the local community. Soldiers also routinely always visit villages in their respective duty areas to conduct social communication as well as check the health of residents.

This activity is highly appreciated by the local community because of the touch of the government in their activities and health. “This activity is to bring soldiers closer to the community around their place of duty,” said Dansatgas Yonif 122/TS Lieutenant Colonel Inf Diki Apriyadi.

Meanwhile in the local village there is a mother named Mama Ondoafi Kampung Kali Bom Benegta Bosui (55), thanking the Kalibom Post personnel who have visited her village to check the health situation and provide medicines to the community.

“I thank you very much to Mr. TNI for coming to Kalibom Village and hopefully Mr. TNI will always be given safety while on duty,” said Benegta Bosui.

Kali Bom Village is one of the areas in Keerom Regency, Papua which is on the RI-PNG border. And the TNI plays an important role in maintaining the stability and peace of the Papuan people, Indonesia.

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