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Tambrauw Regency Farmer Youth, Producer of Export Quality Copra

by Senaman
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Tambrauw Regency, located in the province of South West Papua, has natural conditions that are used as agricultural land and plantations. One of the horticultural products that comes from Tambrauw Regency is the coconut. Large farm mean that farmers there get a large harvest. By the way, coconut is a product that can be used in various products. From the coconut itself, it is sold in chunks for use in meat, water, or hard skin. One of the coconut products processed by farmers, especially young farmers in the Tambrauw region, is copra. They even managed to enter an unpromising export market, namely through Surabaya, East Java, before spreading to wider areas.

Copra itself is a coconut derivative used as a raw material for cooking oil. The young farmers of the Tambrauw region immediately understood the possibilities. Therefore, they learned how to process coconuts into copper that could be sold in the market. The Government of Tambravo saw the interest of young farmers in various opportunities, and also allocated a financial amount of about 110 million of rupiahs. These funds are used to purchase equipment to support copra cultivation and to maintain the coconut plantations so they can continue to grow quality crops.

The export process is carried out by young farmers from Tambrauw Regency with the help of other partiies. In May 2024, ten tons of copra were sent to Surabaya. This number is, one might say, high, considering that this is their first export shipment. Therefore, the next shipment is believed to weigh more than ten tons. It is also hoped that the first export shipment will motivate young farmers in Tambrauw Regency. Apart from that, it is also used to check market interest. Are buyers interested in buying the copra they produce and do farmers need advice on how to produce better quality copra in the future.

The young farmers of the Tambrauw Regency Government thanked the provincial government for financial assistance in producing copra and even sending it outside the district. Moreover, they expect more than attention and help from the provincial government. However, the South West Papua Provincial Government is expected to be involved in empowering the potential of copra in Tambrauw Regency.

The South West Papua regional government can also pay attention to the export process, which still needs other countries in the marketing and transportation process. It is hoped that the export process will be able to be carried out by young farmers in Tambrauw Regency itself. So they can handle the whole process from production, marketing and delivery to maximize your economic profit by empowering the huge existing potential.

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