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Construction Of A Bridge And Church Aid For The Banti Community By PT Freeport Indonesia

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CENTRAL PAPUA – The management of PT Freeport Indonesia is building a bridge connecting Banti 2 Village to Banti 1 Village to facilitate transportation access between villages. In addition to transportation access, the bridge is also useful for accelerating the distribution of agricultural products and bringing residents closer to health facilities and clean water in Banti Village. The construction of the bridge was marked by the laying of the first stone by Senior Vice President Sustainable Development of PT Freeport Indonesia Nathan Kum. Nathan Kum said that with the momentum of PT Freeport Indonesia’s 57th Anniversary, the company wants the community around the operational area to feel the real benefits of the company’s presence by building a connecting bridge, “building a connecting bridge which is an important access for residents of Banti 2 and Banti 1 Villages,” said Nathan Kum.

The construction of the bridge for the Banti community is part of the MoU of the 3-village program with the community in Banti, the specifications of the bridge include a length of 36 meters, a width of 4.7 meters, and a maximum capacity of 35 tons and is planned to be completed in early 2025.  “The bridge was built following government standards, if previously in accordance with the MoU of the 3 villages program, the bridge capacity was only 10 tons but the current Indonesian National Standard rules at least the bridge capacity was increased to 35 tons,” said Nathan Kum, with a larger capacity that previously this bridge could only be passed by small vehicles, later the new bridge can be passed by large vehicles such as buses or trucks so as to facilitate access to transportation for residents.

Also present at the groundbreaking ceremony were Vice President (VP) Papuan Affairs Division, Soleman Faluk, CLO Manager Marthinus Badii, TE Community Affairs, Kornel Gartner, religious leaders and community leaders of Waa Banti Village, as well as representatives of the Tembagapura District Chief, Tembagapura Police Chief and Tembagapura Military Chief along with the PTFI National Vital Object Task Force. In addition to laying the first stone for the construction of the bridge, PT Freeport Indonesia also donated chairs to the church congregation.

PT Freeport Indonesia visited the Church of Congregation Yerussalem Banti 2, which was recently renovated by PT Freeport Indonesia and the Village Government after being hit by a landslide some time ago, at this Church residents attended a joint thanksgiving service celebration in the framework of PT Freeport Indonesia’s 57th Anniversary which was attended by a combination of 5 Church Congregations including,

  1. Jerusalem Banti Church congregation 2,
  2. Betlehem Banti 1 Church congregation,
  3. Sinai Opitawak Church congregation,
  4. Kimbeli Antioch Church congregation,
  5. Pison Kimbeli Church congregation.

On that occasion, PT Freeport Indonesia handed over 500 folding chairs to the congregation of Yerussalem Banti 2 Church and food packages for the community. Chairman of the Waa Banti Klasis, Rev. Kristian Jangkup, on that occasion expressed his gratitude for the assistance and support to the community so that they can live their lives well. “Thank you for PT Freeport Indonesia for providing assistance in the form of folding chairs and foodstuffs, hopefully they can be put to good use,” said Rev. Kristian.

The Banti community and church congregation also felt the contribution of PT Freeport Indonesia in the 57th Anniversary with the community around the mining operation area, in addition to starting the construction of bridges and handing over church facilities, PT Freeport Indonesia also revitalized several points in Waa Banti village, including:

  1. Construction of a monument on the Banti school field,
  2. Installation of portable trash bins at several road points,
  3. Repair of clean water hoses,
  4. Improvement of road access using sand and gravel,
  5. Painting the Banti bus stop.

PT Freeport Indonesia’s anniversary is commemorated every April 7 and on the occasion of its 57th anniversary, the theme is “Berkarya untuk Indonesia” as a commitment and determination of all employees in providing the best work for the country. The company’s operations built on the values of Safety, Integrity, Commitment, Respect, and Excellence are expected to continue to provide the best for Indonesia.

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