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Implementation of Single Price Fuel Policy in Maybrat to Accelerate Economic Growth

by Senaman
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Fuel oil (is a primary need that helps meet other needs. It starts with how vehicles can be useful for transporting people from one place to another to do or deliver something. It is no wonder that fuel oil is needed to operate vehicles so that people can engage in various activities. People in Maybrat, one of the districts of South West Papua province, also understand the importance of fuel oil in their lives. As one of the underdeveloped border and outermost regions, fuel oil is an important part of Maybrat’s economy. However, fortunately, some problems have already been solved. In the past, the price of fuel oil in Maybrat was twice as high as it is now. To get fuel oil, Maybrat residents have to go to the town of Sorong, the heart of South West Papua province, where fuel oil can be bought.

As one of Indonesia’s oil suppliers, Pertamina also knows how difficult it is for the people of Maybrat to meet their needs. For this reason, Pertamina is working with the regional government of South West Papua Province to implement a single-price fuel oil program. Single pricing means that Maybrat’s fuel oil price is the same as the national price in Indonesia. With the introduction of a single fuel price, Maybrat also opened a gas station so that people don’t have to travel far to get fuel there. As one of the largest provinces in the province of South West Papua, Pertamina and municipalities have agreed to build gas stations throughout the Maybrat region.

The implementation of the single price fuel program in Maybrat requires supervision and provisions adapted to the conditions of the population living there. As one of the regions implementing a special autonomy system, Pertamina and the regional government guarantee the role of the Papuan people to become leaders and distributors who can implement this program and ensure that all the people of Maybrat feel the positive impact.

After the implementation of the single price fuel plan, the residents of Maybrat began to experience various benefits. The role of the local Papuan community as partners of Pertamina under the direct supervision of the regional government of the province of South West Papua in the exercise of special autonomy has been implemented. Maybrat also respects traditional rights and traditional authority over ethnic differences. Business wheels are turning in a positive direction. The regular price of fuel oil, which used to be double the regular price, has reduced commodity prices and improved the economy of the Maybrat community. Easy access to fuel also means that Maybrat residents no longer have to worry when they have to travel to work or in certain situations such as hospitals. Conventional prices are no longer a burden and a hassle. Large oil supply also support a variety of economic activities in Maybrat.

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