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Empowering the Nabire Local Economy through the Inauguration of the Sayang Mama Market

by Senaman
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The Nabire Regency Government in Central Papua Province in May 2024 inaugurated the Sayang Mama Market. This opening process also completes the development process that started from planning based on suggestions from the residents of Nabire Regency and realized through design, construction, until it was finally opened for full empowerment to su[[prt Mama’s activities. The opening of Sayang Mama Market in Nabire Regency is worth waiting for as it can cater to the needs of the community in terms of buying and selling and various other community activities.

The Sayang Mama market not only functions as an ordinary buying and selling market. However, this market is also a warehouse that can store various products, most of which are agricultural products from Nabire Regency. It also benefits the community because until now they don’t have a large enough warehouse to store most of the harvest. The existence of this warehouse can help people to protect agricultural products from rain and hot weather. So the results will be more and more permanent and will gradually be sold in the Sayang Mama market itself and distributed to other areas.

The modern Sayang Mama market was launched by the Nabire Regency government with the assistance of the Central Papua Regional Government. The location has a variety of modern facilities to support business activities. Furthermore, it is hoped that this modern and unique facility can be utilized to the best of its ability for the benefit of the people of Nabire Regency and also be well maintained for long term use.

Through the Sayang Mama market, the perfect housing that the Mama’s in Nabire Regency longed for was finally created. It is hoped that these convenient conditions will make buyers feel comfortable and continue to subscribe to this modern traditional market. The development of this market really strengthened the city government.

The reason for opening the market under the name Sayang Mama Market is the concern of the Nabire Regency government on the role of Mama, mothers, especially women, in boosting the economy. People in Nabire Regency already have their duties and activities like farming activities to produce agricultural products which are then put to work by women, called Mama or mothers, for their own consumption or trade. The harvest turned out to be enough or even too much, so the women took the initiative to sell it to create an economic turnaround. Mama are also involved in new commercial jobs that can help increase the income of their respective families. The existence of Mama’s Market proves that the government of Nabire Regency is serious about improving the economy of the township.

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