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Kain Timor, Typical Cloth Culture of South West Papua Determinants of Caste and Social Status

by Senaman
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South West Papua has indigenous tribes that have lived in the area since ancient times. The two largest tribes in this area are the Moi tribe and the Maybrat tribe. A great tribe that continues to survive despite the changing times certainly has the quality of not dying out. The culture of these two tribes lives on today and is not just a story or a fairy tale. However, the available culture remains and is preserved through daily use. One of the cultural similarities between the two tribes is that clothing can be worn in a variety of ways. The name of the material is Kain Timor.

The Moi and Maybrat tribes have a unique chemical culture in Timor, which their ancestors passed down to their grandchildren. The use of this material is more or less the same as when it was first used, namely as a replacement method. Over time, the methods of exchange become more sophisticated, but the position of Kain Timor remains irreplaceable in exchange at traditional events. Especially in traditional events such as weddings, where Kain Timor plays an important role as a dowry.

Of course, Kain Timor was considered valuable as a medium of exchange. In ancient times, when people still used the barter system, Kain Timor was exchanged for other goods such as food, livestock and other goods. Over time, Kain Timor acquires a value that can be exchanged for money. The price of one piece of Kain Timor varies. The price of Kain Timor depends on the condition of the fabric, the motif and most importantly the age of the fabric. Kain Timor material inherited from previous generations will be greatly appreciated. The price of this material ranges from hundreds of thousands of rupiahs to the most expensive, hundreds of millions of rupiahs. The price is quite expensive considering the importance of Kain Timor materials to the lives of the Moi and Maybrat people.

It can be said that the Kain Timor, which is expensive, is a means of determining the economic status and class of the people of South West Papua. A person who owns a lot of Kain Timor, especially if the cloth is old, is considered to have a high economic status, so societies automatically place them in the upper class. These values ​​are still maintained and protected to ensure that the typical Kain Timor remains owned and inherited until passed down to the next generation.

Wedding events in South West Papua also include typical Kain Timor as a culture that would be a shame to miss. Kain Timor can be used as fabric in a wedding context. The bride and groom agree on the amount of Kain Timor for the wedding ceremony. Kain Timor is used not only for weddings, but also by the Moi and Maybrat tribes to pay fines if they violate certain customs. The sanctity of traditional Kain Timor is still maintained as it is still used in various community projects in South West Papua.

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