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Production Equipment Assistance To Four Small And Medium Industry Groups From The Jayawijaya Manpower, Industry And Trade Office

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JAYAWIJAYA, PAPUA PEGUNUNGAN – The Jayawijaya Regency Government through the Department of Labor, Industry and Trade handed over assistance in the form of production equipment and packaging to 4 groups of Small and Medium Industries spread across 4 districts in Jayawijaya Regency. The handover of assistance was carried out on Thursday (08/02/2024) each in the District, Wamena City, Walelagama, Witawaya District and Asolokobal District.

Head of the Jayawijaya Industry and Trade Manpower Office, Lukas Kossay said the assistance handed over was in the form of production and packaging equipment. “First in Wamena City District is a Small and Medium Industry group of chips, we hand over the equipment to the packaging, the second is Walelagama District, we hand over production equipment and packaging for the Honey and Coffee Small and Medium Industries, the third is Witawaya district, we hand over pineapple machine tools for making juice with packaging as well, the fourth is Asolokobal District, honey production machines with packaging,” said Lukas Kossay.

Kossay explained that the assistance was a budget and program for the 2023 fiscal year of the Jayawijaya Regency Government, but because the shopping process was late and the delivery used ships, it was only handed over this year. “This is actually a 2023 fiscal year program, this item came by ship so it took a while, the shopping was also a bit late so we can only hand over today to 4 points of Small and Medium Industry groups in several areas,” he said. The Head of Service explained, how to operate the equipment, his party has conducted training for Small and Medium Industry groups through cooperation with parties that carry out food supervision and technical personnel for the equipment.   

The purpose of the delivery of this assistance is so that the community of Small and Medium Industry business actors can develop independently from an economic and financial perspective. “With the hope of taking good care of this item to be used, the production can enter the malls and shops in Wamena,” hoped Lukas Kossay, meanwhile Deki Hisage, a honey bee Small and Medium Industry Business actor in Asolokobal District, Helaluwa Village, expressed his gratitude to the Jayawijaya Regency Government for the assistance he had received, “thank you very much to the Jayawijaya Government for helping us with these two tools for honey production, may God bless. We have a desire for this business to grow, hopefully with this tool we can achieve that hope,” said Deki, owner of the Wamawut Honey Bee Business.

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