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Economic Investment Opportunities in Central Papua After the Inauguration of the Airport in Nabire

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Papua is a fairly large area and is one of the largest areas in Indonesia. Accessibility is also very important for development in many areas, especially to accelerate economic growth. Easier access will increase employment opportunities that can facilitate economic activity in Papua. Transportation is an easy way to travel. It is therefore not surprising that Papua is developing in the transport sector, including facilities such as airports. The development of airports will make it easier for people who use airplanes to travel from one place to another by public transport and travel. Also, in terms of the economy, it seems that the presence of the airport can boost economic activity in Papua.

There is a new Douw Aturure airport in Nabire, Central Papua Province. This new airport is expected to facilitate the movement of people in Central Papua. Indonesian President Joko Widodo also said the airport in Nabire will attract investors to the economy. Easy access is one of the reasons why investors are interested in economic development in Central Papua Province.

One of the economic investment opportunities that exist in Central Papua after the inauguration of the new airport is tourism. This airport, which is connected to airports in other regions, makes it easy for tourists to come to Central Papua. In addition, the tourist spots are quite diverse. The beaches and mountains of Central Papua attract tourists. In this mountainous area, which is part of the Lorentz National Park, tourists can admire the typical flora and fauna of Central Papua. Not to mention the water area along the coast, which is full of exotic attractions.

Douw Aturure Airport offers all services that facilitate the arrival and departure of tourists. The available flight schedules are also very attractive for travelers. Investors really see the construction of this new airport as a profitable business opportunity. In addition, if access to the airport is supported, such as road improvements and public transport that can take tourists from the airport to places of interest in Central Papua will work immediately. It can be said that light transport is the key to economic activity in the region, including Central Papua.

Economic investments can also be made in the souvenir markets around the airport. Central Papua, where cultural diversity and crafts are one of the productive economic activities, offers souvenirs that can be used for tourists who have visited Central Papua. Of course, it is hoped that the provincial government will succeed in attracting more investors related to the economic activities of the community. That in the future, this new airport will be a major airport, considering the increased number of tourists to Central Papua and other economic activities.

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