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Sustainable Agriculture and Maritime/Fisheries Affairs as Mainstays of the South West Papua Economic Sector

by Senaman
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Natural resources are a source of livelihood for the people of South West Papua Province. Peoples use natural resources to meet food needs and run economic activities. Agriculture and maritime, like fishing are the main livelihoods of the people of South West Papua. Most of them work as farmers and fishermen. Therefore, local governments should pay special attention to facilities that can support business activities that depend on these two sectors. Also a sustainable economy, focusing on sustainable agriculture and sustainable fishing to keep these two sectors safe for future generations.

Sustainable agriculture is how society can sustain the agriculture that supports it. This means maintaining natural conditions, both agricultural and vegetative, from soil fertility to plant conditions. After harvest, farmers must immediately work their farmland and vegetation for utilization and harvesting. Support for agricultural and planting equipment such as harvesting tools and eco-friendly subsidized fertilizers must be provided by regional governments. In fact, the people of South West Papua also have their own farming culture, which is proven to be organic and sustainable. It is believed that government aid is needed to improve the quality and quantity of the harvest. After that, farmers’ income increased normally.

Sustainable marine activities are an opportunity for fishermen in South West Papua. Views of the sea and coral reefs can attract tourists. The fish in it also have the opportunity to be caught and sold by fishermen. The quality of fish in south western Papua also attracts local and international markets. Such situations must get the attention of local authorities to save the sea. Exotic coral reefs need to be cared for so that they are not damaged or even destroyed. Fish should also be caught using traditional and modern methods, without destroying nature and without pollution. Fishermen also feel the need to help local authorities, at least by equipping the facilities of fishing boats with ecological means of transport. Over time, the quality and quantity of fishermen’s catches will increase.

The natural resources sector in the South West Papua Region, like agriculture and fisheries are pillars that can improve the region’s economy. Also, most of the jobs are farmers and fishermen. It is now up to local authorities to provide advice, training and support to the people of South West Papua to practice sustainable agriculture and fisheries in order to increase profits while preserving the existing nature.

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