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General Election Socialization for Beginner Voters in South Papua

by Senaman
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South Papua, as an new autonomous region, has recently started preparations for its first simultaneous general election in 2024. After all, in addition to preparing for the first election, the regional government and its staff, including the chairman of the South Papua General Election Commissions, also have to prepare for the new youth voters, who will also have the opportunity to vote the elections for the first time to chose candidate for district leader. The number of first-time voters in the Southern Papua region reached 22,000, with a turnout of 84.59 percent, according to government data. This large number is both an opportunity and a challenge to implement democratic practices in this new province.

The General Election Commissions as a regional election organizing body, has to broadcast everything related to the upcoming elections to the entire community. Both from election day and the values ​​that need to be protected during the implementation of democracy in elections. The chairman of the General Election Commissions in the Southern Papua region has considerable responsibility in organizing the upcoming elections. It starts with the preparation of all the facilities and infrastructure in this relatively new district, explaining the flow of elections to the whole community, explaining the dos and don’ts, socialization that educates the whole community about the importance of elections including those registered as voters for the first time, taking part in a general election for the first time.

As one of the conditions to enter the provisional voter list, new voters, i.e. the younger generation who have reached legal age, The General Election Commissions also conducts the verification process of other new voters expected in November as permanent voters who have the right to vote and the duty to vote in the elections.

New voter outreach in South Papua province by the General Election Commissions is a manifestation of the noble electoral values ​​that are part of Indonesia’s democratic system. The new voters play an important role as the new generation that will be the next generation of democracy in this country. The initial process is to become a voter in the general election for the first time. But in the future, there is a possibility that when they are old enough and have gained all the experience, they will take part in general elections and be elected regional leaders. From elections to elections, it is actually very possible to take place in a democratic system adopted in a country with a republican system. Therefore, the General Election Commissions hopes that first-time voters will be very enthusiastic about the upcoming elections.

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