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The Importance of Political Education to Make the 2024 Simultaneous Regional Head Elections in West Papua a Success

by Senaman
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When it comes to politics, elections are one of the main topics of discussion. At least with changing times and parliamentary elections being called, politics is always interesting to talk about. The province of West Papua has not neglected the political situation and the situation that has arisen in preparation for the simultaneous regional head elections in November this year. People who exercise their right to vote must be informed about the benefits of the government, the political system and general elections that will be held in accordance with Indonesian laws and regulations. Candidates for district governor/mayor who participate in the simultaneous regional head elections at the end of the year must inform the public about their plans and policies. Of course, this is also a promotional event so that they will be chosen by their supporters in the future. But there is a need for a different kind of education about how the political system works in society, especially when electing the leader. As we know, there are many things that can affect the political situation in a society. One of them is money politics. Because this activity is the allocation of giving money to people to choose one of the candidates. This is one example of how the leaders of West Papua need to understanding people that the money politics is wrong and should even be reported to the authorities.

Another education that needs to be shared with the community as potential voters is what their rights and responsibilities are as voters and when they will become the people that the elected candidate will lead. It starts with the right to vote of their choice, which includes the obligation to exercise the right to vote at the polling station. Moreover, the people of West Papua also have the right to know the vision and mission of future candidates so that the community can demand the implementation of the vision and mission promised when the candidate is elected.

Of course, West Papua, as a province created in the Papua Development Plan, will hold general elections for regional leaders as has been done in other regions. Of course, the focus of all stakeholders must be on educating the people who will be voters to create the right conditions and demonstrate that West Papua can be used as a model place for general elections. An election in which the entire process is peaceful and people understand how the political system works will bring democratic benefits to the people of West Papua, not least by exercising their right to vote responsibly in the simultaneous regional head elections next November.

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