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Monitoring Policies of South West Papua Regional Apparatus Organizations Through the MR-SIM Application

by Senaman
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The spirit of special autonomy lies not only in the Regional Apparatus Association of the province of South West Papua. Those who work in government certainly have a special spirit of autonomy which is reflected in their work ethic and policies towards local Papuans for the good of society. However, it turns out that the spirit of special autonomy is also supported by local Papuan communities that do not belong to the provincial, city and district governments. Ordinary people also believe that special autonomy plays an important role in society as they can control new institutions and policies implemented by local officials. To facilitate this monitoring, the MR-SIM program was developed and launched.

The Planning Agency for Regional Research and Innovation Development  in collaboration with the Provincial Government of South West Papua has introduced MR-SIM to facilitate all residents of South West Papua to monitor and review plans and policies, budgets used and the implementation of past joint projects and programs that was planned. The spirit of special autonomy means that indigenous Papuans are given the freedom to manage what they own. This enthusiasm also determines people’s willingness to follow the government that controls them. Transparency is very important in the MR-SIM application. The public has the right to know how the government is implementing various programs and policies.

The name MR-SIM is an acronym for the people involved in the launch of this program. M named Muhammad Musa’ad, the Governor of South West Papua Province. R named Rahman is said to be the head of the Regional Research and Innovation Planning Agency. S named Siagian Rudolf as the former regional secretary of the province of South West Papua. I call on Ito Harjito, Regional Director of Revenue, Finance and Assets in South West Papua Province. The letter M at the end refers to Matan Frengki Saa as the head of research and innovation, who is also the developer of the MR-SIM application.

The idea of ​​creating the MR-SIM program is a combination of three previously existing strategic programs – Regional Government Information System, Regional Information System of Financial Management and General Information System for Public Procurement of Public Goods or Service Purchase Policy. These three strategic plans applications are combined in a format that is more accessible to the people of South West Papua through the MR-SIM. Of course, the public should receive transparency from local authorities from the lowest to the highest level. The monitoring function can not only be carried out by the community as a civil society, but also by other government officials, even the governor can monitor the activities of local government officials through the MR-SIM application. The discipline of local authorities can be monitored using this application so that if there are any violations, anyone can criticize, suggest or even report it to the authorities with evidence in the MR-SIM application.

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