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Ministry Of Home Affairs Appreciates Development Achievements Of Central Papua Governor In Charge

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CENTRAL PAPUA – The Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Home Affairs expressed appreciation to the Governor of Central Papua Ribka Haluk for the performance achievements, public services and development breakthroughs in Bumi Cendrawasih, this was conveyed by the auditor team during the implementation of the evaluation of Regional Head Officials for the second quarter at the Inspectorate General Building of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The evaluation was attended by Inspector General of the Ministry of Home Affairs Tomsi Tohir and auditors, while Ribka Haluk was accompanied by Central Papua Province Secretary Anwar Harun Damanik and echelon II officials in Central Papua Province.

Responsible Governor Ribka Haluk in her presentation said that during her tenure as Responsible Governor of Central Papua there were 9 performance achievements that she had made, namely:

  1. Suppressing Inflation,
  2. Stunting Aspect,
  3. Public Service Aspect,
  4. Unemployment Management Aspect,
  5. Poverty Handling Aspects,
  6. Health Aspect,
  7. Budget Absorption Aspect,
  8. Aspects of Featured Activities,
  9. Licensing Aspect.

Overall, Ribka Haluk describes the achievements, sustainability and potential improvements that will have a positive impact on the level of public satisfaction, Ribka will continue to work hard in building the foundations of good governance in Central Papua Province as a New Autonomous Region.

As for Ribka superior activities, she made the Mama Governor program in 8 districts with the aim of seeing firsthand the problems of the community and then the Healthy Central Papua program by establishing cooperation between hospitals across provinces, besides that, as for what the Governor of Central Papua is responsible for is forming 4 Task For handling national priority programs, namely, Handling Inflation, Stunting, Unemployment, Extreme Poverty and including the Smart Central Papua program in collaboration with several foundations with the tagline smart generation by being good at reading, writing and calculating and then there is also the Bright Central Papua program, Productive Central Papua, infrastructure development with the principle of sustainability or called the golden gate, the latest breakthrough in infrastructure development is the improvement of the Nabire New Airport area.

Regarding the initiative to improve Nabire New Airport, Ribka Haluk explained that it was done on the basis of the community’s longing and besides that increasing the status of the airport would have a big impact on economic growth in the region, considering that transportation in Central Papua is still dominated by air transportation, “the presence of large-bodied aircraft will certainly have economic value for the community, starting from the creation of jobs and ticket prices are also affordable, that’s why we coordinated with the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia until the signing of the MoU,” said Ribka.

Ribka Haluk added that her party will also manage Nabire Old Airport to be used as an office, considering the increasing number of ASN coming from K2 Papua Province and the ASN recruitment will be carried out in 2024, for this achievement the Inspector General of the Ministry of Home Affairs Tomsi Tohir appreciated the overall performance of the person in charge of Ribka Haluk, starting from accelerating development, procuring office land, improving airports, handling inflation and government services. Tomsi hopes that the Central Papua Provincial Government will continue to improve performance by making innovative breakthroughs.

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