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Improving the way one-stop licensing services work in Papua

by Senaman
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PAPUA – In Papua Province, in order to improve the performance of licensing services, the Papua Governor’s Officials accompanied by Regional Secretary Officials and related technical agencies saw firsthand the Licensing service at the Office of Energy, Mineral Resources, Investment and One-Stop Integrated Services.

The visit was carried out by the Acting Governor of Papua DR. M. Ridwan Rumasukun, SE, MM when meeting directly with the Front Desk Service Officer and directly asking about procedures in several licensing services and operational standards that are often carried out starting from the Front Desk to the licensing determination process which is carried out fully using the Online Single Submission (OSS) Licensing Application System is the implementation of Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation in Papua.

At the same time, Y. Derek Hegemur, SH, MH, as Acting Regional Secretary of Papua also gave directions so that Standards and Procedures related to Licensing are placed in a position that can be seen by the Public / Business Actors not in the Technical Field room, and massively socialized. The Acting Regional Secretary also instructed the Head of ESDM, PM & PTSP to quickly adjust to all changes in existing regulations, including the enactment of PERDASI 18 of 2023 related to Regional Apparatus in Papua Province.

Therefore, in its implementation, there are several obstacles, one of which is the weak availability of internet access that has not been maximized and the lack of optimization of the existing licensing technical team, due to changes in SKPD nomenclature. Ridwan immediately instructed the related SKPD to give full support to licensing services, because licensing services are one of the parts that get attention in corruption prevention by the KPK-RI through the Monitoring Center for Prevention (MCP) and are also the entrance for Regional Original Revenue from all licensing products issued.

The Head of the Papua KOMINFO Office, when instructed by the Acting Governor of Papua to provide support for improving / accelerating internet access to licensing services, is ready to implement, together with the Technical Team and will immediately re-install the Internet access network at the ESDM, PM & PTSP office by adding several access points from the front desk to the backend, Jeri explained that internet access at PTSP, utilizing the Astinet Dedicate Cir 1: 1 Private Fiber Optic Backbone line, in collaboration with PT Telkom Indonesia from the Kominfo Office which is directly connected to several offices and Bank Papua.

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