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Increasing Connectivity to Build Creativity and Digital Understanding of Elementary School Students in Papua by Huawei

by Senaman
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Elementary school is a period of creative exploration that must be supported by teachers and the Department of Education. Today’s age of advanced devices also makes it possible for everyone to use digital technology to support students’ creativity. Internet connectivity has clearly become a necessity in the digital age. This is the concern of one of the telecommunications technology companies, namely Huawei, to provide access to primary school students in Papua through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program to enhance creativity supported by wider connectivity.

Elementary school students in Papua have the same or even greater creative potential than students in large cities such as Jakarta. Papua’s natural environment offers elementary school students a creative approach to learning, while respecting natural sustainability. The government spares effort to evenly distribute facilities, especially technology facilities for Papuan elementary school students, so that they can learn more and gain more knowledge about their activities in nature around them.

The creative potential of Papuan elementary school children has caught the attention of Huawei, which wants them to be able to connect to the internet and understand the ever-growing advances in digital technology. Work is also underway to increase internet connectivity to support creativity under the supervision of teachers and the Papua Education Authority. Access to the Internet will be made easier with the right technology, increasing the interest of Papuan elementary school students in the latest technologies that can be used to inspire creativity in the years to come. Moreover, the creativity enhanced by their inherent natural conditions is further enhanced by Internet connectivity. Elementary school students in Papua can share their daily play activities, saving nature, uploaded online to reach elementary school children all over Indonesia and even the world.

Huawei donated 50 tablets, 5 wireless routers and 5 internet subscription packages for 1 year to 3 schools in Sorong and 2 schools in Biak. Each school receives 10 tablets, 1 wireless router and 1 internet subscription package for 1 year. All this support can be continued in the future if it is deemed necessary and proven to increase the creativity of Papuan element school students. The Papua Education Authority is grateful for Huawei’s support and will assist in the effective use of these tools.

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