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Education and culture are essential elements for every generation that exists or will come. Various types of education are required to train skills, abilities, thinking patterns, behavior, and cooperation within a specific region. Papua has many beautiful natural resources, such as Raja Ampat, which has already become known to the world. Children in Papua are intended to be able to preserve and develop the resources and culture on their own land. To achieve this, the Provincial Government of West Papua (Pemprov PBD) has started building community tourism schools in Raja Ampat, which will eventually support the development of tourism in the area.


Raja Ampat is a small paradise in West Papua, and its image is becoming increasingly known to the world. Therefore, it is essential for the Governor of West Papua, Muhammad Musa’ad, to prepare Human Resources to manage, preserve, and develop the tourism object of Raja Ampat. With qualified Human Resources, the tourism object will also progress more rapidly because it is managed by those who are trained and skilled to handle tourism there.


Musa’ad added that the progress of the tourism industry cannot be separated from quality Human Resources. The potential for tourism that is owned will not be attractive or sold to locals or the world without skilled Human Resources.


A tourist attraction is closely related to human life. There are many things that happen during the journey and after arriving at the destination. Memories, laughter, companionship, and the tourist attraction itself. What would happen if the place you want to visit is dirty, not well-maintained, or the staff who manage it are not friendly, or if you are a foreign tourist but the staff cannot speak English? It would not be enjoyable at all, would it? Therefore, the community tourism school aims to help you create unforgettable memories when you are there, or with your loved ones.


The effort made by the provincial government is to work together with The University of Cenderawasih (UNCEN) and The University of Hasanuddin (UNHAS) to help the local government conduct holistic research in support of building the community tourism school in Raja Ampat. A group of academics involved in research and observation are expected to provide optimal results in the efforts to develop the Community Tourism School of Raja Ampat.


The basic skills that are expected of students are the ability to speak foreign languages, the possibility that students/students can speak more than Indonesian and English, and knowledge of other tasks in the field of tourism. The West Papua Provincial Government has also signed a work agreement with a tourism education institution in Switzerland to help strengthen the skills of the Provincial Tourism Human Resources.



This effort is made to build and develop tourist destinations in Indonesia, specifically in West Papua. May this effort be able to build the region’s economy, increase knowledge and literacy, and protect the environment and the preservation of the environment.

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