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Papua is known for its unique island shape, resembling that of a Cendrawasih bird. From Google Maps or Google Earth, you can see the island shape of Papua, which resembles the body, wings, and legs of the protected bird species, the Cendrawasih. This is not just a coincidence, as Cendrawasih birds are commonly found in Papua or in the eastern part of Indonesia, such as the islands in the Flores Sea, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and even in Papua itself.

This is one of the reasons why Papua is known as “Land of Cenderawasih,” due to the abundance of Cendrawasih bird species found there. The Cendrawasih bird is a source of pride for the people of Papua and is worth preserving.

The Cendrawasih bird was first popularized in the West in 1996, thanks to a television program led by broadcaster and nature enthusiast David Attenborough. Attenborough captured the life and habits of the Cendrawasih bird during his trip to Papua New Guinea. In the video, Attenborough showed the mating and feeding habits, as well as the unique features of certain Cendrawasih bird species.

The Cendrawasih bird is an endemic species found only in Papua and plays an important role in the cultural traditions of the indigenous people of Papua. According to the book “Cendrawasi : Birds From Paradise” (2011) by Endah H.S., the beauty and uniqueness of the Cendrawasih bird have been recognized globally, much like the peacock.

The male Cendrawasih bird has more beautiful feathers, which are used to attract female cendrawasih birds for mating. The Cendrawasih bird is also known for its colorful and unique feathers, which are used for ornamental purposes.

The Cendrawasih bird is native to tropical rainforests. In its habitat, the Cendrawasih bird has a unique behavior of playing during the early morning when the sun rises to show off its feathers and flaunt them to the sun’s rays.

The Cendrawasih bird is a symbol of identity and pride for the people of Papua. The feathers of the Cendrawasih bird are often used as ornaments or decorations in traditional clothing. However, the existence of the Cendrawasih bird is now threatened by excessive hunting and habitat destruction, which have become the main causes of its decline.

The Cendrawasih bird is one of the most popular bird species in Papua, with 37 species identified. The feathers of the Cendrawasih bird are used extensively for decorative purposes in traditional ceremonies, weddings, and rituals. This makes the Cendrawasih bird one of the most valuable resources in terms of exploitation and export.

Currently, the Cendrawasih bird is protected by both the central and regional governments of Papua. Some of the protected Cendrawasih bird species include the Yellow-breasted Cendrawasih, the Cendrawasih with a Red Head, the Cendrawasih with a Blue Beak, and the Cendrawasih with a Green Beak.

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