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A Manifestation Of The Government’s Concern For Malawei Fishermen Through The House Building Program In Fishing Villages

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Malawei Village is a fishing village located in Sorong Regency, Southwest Papua Province. The area is a fishing village with over 13,000 people. This high number makes Malawei one of the most populated regions of Papua. Currently, people who work as fishermen still live in huts on the beach. However, the government has developed a development plan, that is to provide residential houses, which will later be provided to all residents of Malawei Village free of charge. Fishermen and their families are expected to live in peace, with housing to return to and a safe and comfortable place to live.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has promised to build about 350 houses for every head of a family in Malawei. The house has a variety of facilities to support family life, from a solid house with all working facilities, especially sanitary facilities such as bathrooms. Malawei Village is planned to be used as a model for Papuan fishing villages. People whose livelihood depends on the fishing industry are certainly grateful for this plan. They really feel the need to live in a decent house with all the comforts. The current condition of the foundation is considered habitable. However, this does not mean that this condition will last forever. Over time, the pole needs to be renewed, especially since it is close to the sea, it is at risk due to natural conditions. The housing promised in this plan will meet the housing needs of fishermen and their families.

For people who build a fishing village, it is important to consider the environmental facilities of Malawei Village in addition to housing in the building. It starts with waste management methods, but also access to supporting infrastructure such as road conditions that facilitate the construction of other buildings. Especially for waste management, municipalities and peoples in there have agreed to build a waste management center where waste can be treated, processed and disposed. A clean environment will increase the comfort of houses built in fishing villages.

Access is also considered, which can support infrastructure and development. The government is working with stakeholders to build a fishing village, create adequate and safe access for heavy vehicles transporting construction materials and make roads accessible for Malawei Village residents to carry out their daily activities. It is expected that residential buildings with all facilities and access to support buildings will soon be built to make life safer for fishermen in the future.

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