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Positive Values in the Expansion of New Autonomous Regions in Papua

by Senaman
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The new autonomous region is a continuation of the introduction of special autonomy in Papua. Territorial expansion through the formation of new districts will automatically take place according to the regulations of the lower government. Then there are districts/cities that can later become cities or districts. The administrative flow will also be easier because the automatic expansion of government makes it easier to regulate a narrower area than usual. Various effects have been seen and positive values ​​have indeed been seen with the introduction of a separate autonomy in the formation of the New Autonomous Region.

To remind that the introduction of special autonomy in the Papua region is to help accelerate development. A system that used to be centralized with all centralized policy has become decentralized with a lot of autonomy. The Papuan government is given special powers to manage what it has to accelerate development. The proposal was made to form a new autonomous region with all the governments. The planned acceleration of development will easily become a reality. Because with a lower level of government, the government’s focus on development will actually increase. The policy being formulated is more easily adapted to the conditions of smaller quantitative societies. This simplified administrative process shows that the introduction of special autonomous regions through the formation of new autonomous regions is the right government policy. Administration, which includes bureaucracy and licensing, also facilitates stakeholders, which will help realize the rapid development expected by the government and the public. Before the expansion, everything related to the bureaucracy was at one door, which of course required quite a long flow. Structure through the New Autonomous Region eases all bureaucracy and the flow is shorter than before.

Faster development supported by government policy will certainly be easier to implement. The government’s support in reducing bureaucracy in the issuance of building permits will help the community achieve a structure that meets its wishes and benefits it. As it is intended to be implemented in the territory of Papua through the introduction of special autonomy, ie. that all existing resources become a source of improvement in living standards at all levels of society, especially in the local Papuan community.

The reduction in bureaucratic flow due to the expansion of the New Autonomous Region will help speed up development in all areas. It starts with infrastructure, such as connecting roads between parts of the country, speeding up the development of health and employment facilities, not to mention the equally important educational institutions. New regions with their own governance systems will help people in all areas of society to improve bureaucratic flows that are faster and more focused on small regional areas.

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