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Trekking Tips in Raja Ampat

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The Raja Ampat area, West Papua, in addition to its beautiful underwater panorama, the plains also have amazing charm. The karst hills at first glance look like cones, scattered in clear green waters. Deep blue water lagoons around it looks so wonderful. Tropical rainforests with endemic fauna of Raja Ampat such as the waigeo cuscus (Spilocuscus papuensis), the red bird of paradise (paradisaea rubra) and the bald bird of paradise (cicinnurus respublica) are also there.

In addition to snorkeling, travelers can trekking to enjoy climbing spots on a cluster of karst hills that show the natural beauty of the island and the waters, which of course become an instagramable background for selfies at a height.

At the top of Raja Ampat karst hill, a traveler can shoot the camera to capture the karst islands view which scattered on the clear expanse of sea. Suitable spots for this trekking include Piyainemo with Telaga Bintang hilltop, and Wayag with Lage Peley.

A tip for travelers who are going on a trekking tour is that not all karst hills have hiking trails. So you can be sure there is no any tree at the top of the hill and it is highly recommended not to dress neatly or wear a swimsuit. The slopes of the karst hills have rock edges as sharp as machetes that ready to scratch wounds on the traveler’s shins and hands.

Only a few hilltops in Raja Ampat have hiking trails which has completed with stair facilities, footrests made of pieces of wood tied with forest ropes, such as the peak of Dapun Lol in Misool.

It is recommended that travelers use track shoes, hats, comfortable pants and bring gloves. Track shoes will avoid pain in the soles of the feet. Gloves are useful for protecting the palms of the hands from coral scratches. To avoid the hot sun, trekking activities in the karst hills should be done in the morning.

In addition, travelers are encouraged to bring enough drinking water, as a thirst quencher when arriving at the top of the hill. However, it is certain that even though you are hot and thirsty, you will satisfied when you reach the top of Raja Ampat hill.



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