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The Exciting Opportunities for Outdoor Recreation in West Papua

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Many local and global visitors still have not been exposed to the tremendous choices of West Papua touristic places aside from the charming landscape of Raja Ampat.

Let’s unfold the opportunities for your future outdoor activities in the far west island of Indonesia!

3 National Parks In The Peninsula of West Papua

Pabar has three national parks where you can roam and explore its beauty. Each of the national parks allows you to experience the new natural beauty of the island.

1. Wasur National Park 

This national park covers the wetland area in the southeastern region of West Papua.

The most popular sight is the towering ant nests, but there are technically around thirty endemic mammals that are the original inhabitants of Papua in this national park.

2. Lorentz National Park

The second national park is home to a very diverse landscape. In addition to the charming waterfront and the enthralling forest, it has the eternal snow at Cartenz Pyramid.

More than 600 bird species inhabit Lorentz National Park, including Casooary and Cenderawasih, exotics birds of the island.

3. Cenderawasih Bay National Park

Consisting of approximately 80% of the waterfront and 20% of the land, Cenderawasih Bay National Park is the largest national park in Indonesia.

One of the most popular attractions is the infamous Raja Ampat, where tourists can spot and dive with the whale shark.

Broad Spectrum of West Papua Outdoor Recreation Places

The bird’s head island of Papua and the islands nearby are administratively part of the archipelago.

Aside from Manokrawi and Sorong, other regencies offer more natural attractions.

Here is a list of some of the outdoor activities you can do while visiting the national parks of West Papua.

1. The Picturesque Tourism Villages

a. Arborek Tourism Village

It’s the cleanest tourism village, located in Raja Ampat regency, where the locals are mostly fishermen. The village is tiny yet full of beauty.

You can spend some days here in the local homestay while learning to row the boat on the beach, or swimming and snorkeling.

With an experienced local guide, tourists can dive to sport manta rays at Manta Sandy when the weather and current are favorable.

b. Yoboi Tourism Village

Located in the area of Sentani Lake, Yoboi is popular as a colorful tourism village in West Papua. The floating houses and large sago forest are the main icons of this village.

You can immerse yourself in their culture while observing their festivals, such as Sago Caterpillar Festival, Sentani Lake Festival, and Ela (forest animal hunt festival).

2. The  Pristine Waterfalls

a. Wafsarak Waterfall, Biak

In West Papua, local people are managing and preserving the natural tourist attractions, including waterfalls. Thus, you’ll still find them clean and breathtaking.

This waterfall is located about 200 meters from the main road in Warsa district, 2 hours by the road from Biak.

Not only can you swim under the refreshing plunging water from a height of 10 meters, but people can also try to jump from the cliff to get the adrenaline sensation.

b. Batanta Waterfall

Raja Ampat surely has many surprises for its admirers. Batanta waterfall is one of its natural gems, and it is located on Batanta island.

Exhaustive trekking through the forest is required before getting in touch with this beauty.

There is a small cave for about six people near the main waterfall where people can just sit and relax, watching the enchanting drops of the waterfall.

3. Lakes Hiking

a. Anggi Lakes

Hiking and camping can’t be the same around lakes. Anggi Lakes consist of Anggi Gita (Lake of Women) and Anggi Giji (Lake of Men).

They are located in the southern area of Arfak Mountain, which is surely an impressive one.

Visitors can get to the lakes and hike up the mountain while observing the wildlife, especially the endemic birds like a shovel-billed kookaburra.

b. Sentani Lake

Being juxtaposed with Lake Toba from North Sumatra, Sentani has a splendid view. The lake is part of the Cyclops Mountain natural reserve in West Papua.

The lake is surrounded by tiny islands. Wavy green hills embracing the lake are places where you can admire the lake.

In June, the government held the annual Sentani Festival, where you could connect with the local culture, arts, and cuisines.



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