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The Importance of Local Governance for West Papua Development

by Senaman
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West Papua certainly needs governance to become a suitable region. Before becoming a well-known area, this area was slow in mobility.

Regional development in practice requires many things, including a shared commitment regarding good governance and a clear development vision.

How to Build West Papua Local Governance

The government is prioritizing development with an environmental perspective and low emissions,

As well as a cultural approach and local wisdom, which are significant assets. Here’s how to build West Papua regional governance:

1. Understand and Realize Potential

All the people of West Papua want to feel the impact of technological advances, which are now more evenly distribute.

For this reason, it must start with the establishment of a government that is trustworthy and responsible.

Papua has always had a distinctive aroma and comfort, typical of Indonesia’s calm nature,

Providing many opportunities for the government to make things worthwhile for West Papua by prioritizing existing potential.

The following work is how to create development governance that can integrate programs from non-governmental organizations

With development programs implemented by the government, both central, provincial and district or city to villages.

2. Make an Approach

The approach is one of the sciences that must be possess to get something that has a positive impact,

To approach the community so that they know that progress must be make by doing some things better.

Sometimes some people have different responses; sometimes, they go along with it or even oppose it. Herein lies the importance of the government’s role in regulating the approach.

Sasongko Abimanyu, Program Manager of the Partnership, said that Papua had a green lifestyle because its people have a close relationship with nature.

Plus, the local government has issued an excellent policy.

3. Providing Socialization to the Community

Conducting socialization is also one of the reasons to make good relations and continue to be better, introducing how economic growth and development currently exist.

Making changes does not mean that it has to be done globally or as a whole;

There needs to be a gradual process which is, of course, the most important thing; for example, investors or foreigners who are starting to enter, as Aji said.

Aji also reminded us that the tendency of domestic and foreign investment to enter requires careful consideration so that it does not have the potential to damage Papua’s nature.

Currently, parts of Papua are already affect by climate change.

To prevent the impact of climate change in West Papua, the Partnership will facilitate dialogues related to sustainable development,

Preserving nature, and optimizing income from utilizing natural resources in the land of Papua.

4. Thoroughly Innovate About Papuan Identity

Dewanto from Harmoni Alam Papua reminded me of two things, the need for mapping around the impact of volume two of the particular autonomy policy (Otsus), which will be followed by regional expansion.

The development of new autonomy will impact space utilization. From this, all know that for the development of Papua,

There needs to be a balance between existing culture and nature West Papua; several activists continue to move by voicing that the green earth in Papua remains safe.

Linke from Wasur Lestari said that the discussion around sustainable development does not only discuss the policy and implementation levels,

Increasing community capacity to increase added value and supplying markets related to green economy products.

Several ways can be use by the government in the development of West Papua that can meet their needs.

It needs to be considered and must be an alarm for the government that economic growth without human development will not be optimal.



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