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Preserving Central Papuan Culture Through Writing a Book About the Kamoro Tribe

by Senaman
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The Kamoro tribe is one of the oldest tribes living in the Central Papua region. Various cultures are associated with this tribe, which are still being preserved by members of the Kamoro tribe themselves, as well as other sources, both from the government and from other groups. One of the countries trying to preserve the Kamor tribe is the Timika branch of the Catholic Students of Indonesia. The head of the organization, Mersi Sundung, said they have a method that they believe can preserve and maintain the Kamoro tribe. The steps they took were to conduct a detailed study and write the results of the study in the form of a book titled “Kamoro”.

The process of creating this book took about two years. In 2022, the journey of the Timika branch of the Catholic Association of Indonesia to the Kamoro tribe begin with the aim of mingling and getting to know the culture and customs held there. The journey to find information about the Kamoro tribe was not easy. Especially in financing matters where the source is money and personal contributions of each member. Research has actually been temporarily stopped due to lack of funds. However, they did not give up and continued to overcome all obstacles until they were able to finish the book quickly.

The Regional Government of Central Papua Province thanks and commends this book, which is published by the Timika branch of the Indonesian Catholic Student Association. This book, titled “Kamoro”, is considered to be one of the steps that the regional authorities did not think of in the beginning to preserve and protect the culture of the tribe. Nevertheless, local authorities want the organization’s research to go further and deeper in order to also achieve their conservation goals.

The Regional Government of Central Papua Province has given support to the Timika branch of Indonesian Catholic Students. As an important entity in the cultural and traditional context of the Central Papua region, the Kamoro tribe must not be lost. Research and reviews on the book “Kamoro” have also been completed and it has been agreed that the research on the book will continue. The reason is that there are still some shortcomings, which are also recognized by members, due to the obstacles they face in collecting data in this area. Municipalities are working to overcome previous problems, especially regarding access and funding.

The Central Papua Regional Government has the ability to communicate directly with the elders of the Kamoro tribes. Funding was also considered because it is a resource that allows researchers to do this without time limits as their income is guaranteed by local authorities. Of course, it is hoped that this book titled “Kamoro” can be mass produced in both print and digital form so that all people of Central Papua and all of Indonesia can access it, even abroad.

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