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Mountainous Papua Provincial Government Encourages Economic Growth in Yalimo Regency

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YALIMO, PAPUA PEGUNUNGAN – The Provincial Government of Papua Mountains conducted a Development Planning Conference on the Regional Government Work Plan for Papua Mountains Province in 2025, Tuesday (23/4/2024) at the Aithusa Building GKI Betlehem Wamena Jayawijaya Regency, this was done to optimize sources of economic growth, strengthen basic services and connectivity between regions, to realize superior and independent Papuan human resources.

Acting Governor of Papua Mountains Dr. Velix Vernando Wanggai S.IP M. PA said, although the Papua Mountains Province has only been running for a year, it also needs to lay the basic foundations of future development planning and where last year the former Acting Governor of Papua Mountains Nikolaus Kondomo had laid the foundation of the Governor’s Regulation on the future regional development plan until 2026, “In the plan, there is one theme formulated, namely economic growth, basic services, connectivity, logistics systems, of course this is towards superior and competitive human resources, there are 4 important facts that are the basis for formulating a big strategy for our future steps,” said Acting Governor of Papua Mountains Velix Vernando Wanggai.

In the context of the big theme of the Papua Mountain Province, there is a special character in this region, the context of connectivity, the Government encourages the addition of other aviation flights entering Wamena, where of course this theme is also a concern of each Regency to take on its regional role, “next week we together with the Head of the Hall will travel from Wamena Yalimo to Jayapura, where there will be several days of travel, so that we have a big agenda, namely Trans Papua, which certainly opens up the impact of many things, so that new centers will emerge,” said Official Velix Wanggai.

Papua Mountains has the potential that can be developed from 8 districts, each of which has potential, but the Government has launched that Papua Mountains is an agricultural area, especially in the vegetable or horticultural sector and so is the potential or other fields such as education, “for education in the Papua Mountains region, there are 3 universities, namely 2 in Jayawijaya and 1 in Oksibil Pegununungan Bintang Regency plus 8 Colleges. And so far all of these universities are still centered in Jayawijaya, so we hope that these universities can appear in other districts,” said Velix.

Therefore, it is necessary to make this Musrembang a future view, both from the Central Government, the Minister of Home Affairs and the Head of Bappenas. Then the views of the 8 districts in the Papua Mountains Province area, so that it is hoped that they can find a common ground.

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