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Musyoh Dance, A Dance To Calm The Spirits Of The Unnaturally Dead

by Senaman
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PAPUA – Papua has a variety of uniqueness in its culture, one of the uniqueness in Papuan dance is Musyoh dance, Musyoh dance is a sacred dance that aims to calm the spirits who died in an accident. The indigenous Papuans believe that if someone dies in an accident, then the spirit has not calmed down, so this dance is performed to calm the spirit of the deceased and the history of the Papuan musyoh dance begins when a traditional elder dies in a tragi accident and is worried about something happening, the Papuan people also hold a ritual accompanied by a dance with the aim that the spirit of the traditional elder can go calmly.

Musyoh dance is also often known as an exorcism dance in Papua, along with the times, Musyoh dance is also often performed to welcome guests, this is because the movements and rhythms of Musyoh dance have energy, if Musyoh dance is performed for the exorcism of spirits or with sacred purposes, then those who dance are male dancers. Musyoh dances that are intended to welcome guests or give respect to newcomers, then the dancers are female dancers.

Musyoh dance movements are performed with rhythmic and dynamic movements aimed at expelling spirits, these movements are accompanied by typical Papuan shouts or cheers, but if it aims to welcome guests, the movements performed must be easier so that they can be imitated by guests who come or people outside the dancer and if Musyoh dance is performed for the expulsion of spirits, generally dancers carry arrows and shields as a symbol of expulsion, and the dance is performed in welcoming guests, dancers will form a circle then welcome guests by draping necklaces.

Musyoh dance clothes are the same as traditional Papuan dances in general, namely tassel skirts and tops made of natural materials, accessories are also the same:

  1. Paradise Headdress,
  2. Necklace,
  3. Bracelets.

For musical instruments that accompany Musyoh dance is Tifa made of deer skin and wood and head cover is an important part of this traditional Papuan dance and is usually made of dried grass roots or bark, because of its function as a crown, this head cover is made and decorated as beautifully as possible, for example by giving color accents or other additional accessories.

Since then, the musyoh dance has developed until it is carried out from generation to generation and every time someone dies in an accident or other cause, the musyoh dance will be performed, but in its development the musyoh dance began to experience a shift in function, from previously only for sacred rituals to calm the spirits, now starting to be played for entertainment.

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