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Terens Puhiri, One of the Fastest Footballers in the World

by Senaman
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Papua is blessed with the best football talent with various top talents. Starting with Boaz Salossa who is known as a living legend for his great goals and even managed to scoring into Uruguay’s National Team in a friendly match. In addition to Boaz, there is one talent who is said to be phenomenal from Papua, a player who plays on the left side. The footballer’s name is Terencs Puhiri. His miracle was even written about by foreign media like The Guardians. This football player’s greatest talent is speed. Statistically, Terens Puhiri’s top speed is faster than that of a German winger who once played for Manchester City and now plays for Bayern Munich, namely Leroy Sane. Terens Puhiri was recruited by a football club in Thailand after this article.

Although he never played for the Papua’s football club, Persipura Jayapura, he spends his time from 2007-2012 playing football at Numbay Star Football School. In five years, Terens Puhiri managed to register various achievements such as winning the best player and top scorer of the children’s football tournament. After spending his childhood in a football school in Papua, Terens Puhiri joined another football school, Deportivo Indonesia. A year later, Persisam Putra Samarinda, now known as Borneo FC, signed Terens Puhiri in the top division of Indonesian football. Borneo FC’s scouts noticed his dazzling skills and the club decided to give Terens Puhiri his first professional contract.

The sweet story of Terens Puhiri’s professional football career started at Borneo FC. One of his actions that caught the attention of football fans was in October, 2017, match between Borneo FC and Mitra Kukar in the 1st Division of Indonesia. On the counter-attack, Terens Puhiri showed his magic by running as hard as he could to grab the ball, which was logically closer to defender of Mitra Kukar. Terens Puhiri managed to grab the ball and run to score while alone against the goalkeeper. Terens Puhiri took advantage of the opportunity and ran past the keeper and fired into the empty net.

A video of the goal attracted attention on social media. Terens Puhiri’s goal is disputed by many parties. The more the video of the goal went viral, the more Terens Puhiri’s name floated before he received a call-up to play for Indonesia’s U-23 national team. In addition to receiving an invitation to play for the national team, Terens Puhiri has also received a contract offer as a loanee to play with Port FC in Thailand’s top football league. Terens Puhiri played in Thailand for one season before returning to Borneo FC where he still plays. No wonder Borneo FC fans call Terens Puhiri a living legend. Terens Puhiri is not only a living legend but also one of the fastest footballers not only in Indonesia but also in the world.

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