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ESTABLISHMENT OF FISHERMEN’S ADMINISTRATION: “Government Policy To Meet The Needs Of Fishermen In Papua”

by Senaman
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Fishermen are one of the livelihoods with the largest number in Papua. The natural landscape surrounded by the ocean and the endless potential for underwater natural wealth make fishing work attractive to the public. Not to mention when talking about culture, customs and traditions which have been passed down from one generation to another, making it seem as if fishing is a way of life for the Papuan people. It is felt that the results of being a fisherman are sufficient for the community to be able to continue their life. Before finally as time went by, fishermen felt they needed assistance from the government to continue to exist and be able to support their families.

Fishermen’s needs are growing from year to year. Initially traditional fishermen only had minimal fishing equipment. However, then a policy emerged regarding how the underwater natural potential in Papua could be accepted in foreign markets or encourage fish export activities. To meet the required amount, fishermen are increasingly developing, especially in terms of the tools they use. Ships used to catch fish are no longer ships that only rely on the sea breeze blowing the sails or oars to get to the middle of the ocean and return to land. Now fishing boats in Papua are sophisticated and powered by fuel.

The differences in tools and technology used by fishermen to follow the latest policies certainly makes fishermen feel the need to hold the government accountable too. For example, fishermen have a need for Fisherman’s Fuel Filling Stations (SPBN) so they can cover long distances to get the best quality and quantity of fish. For this reason, fishermen want the government to also provide a policy regarding providing SPBN quotas with adequate amounts of fuel oil (BBM).


Another need that fishermen feel is for the government to have concrete data regarding the number of active fishermen in Papua. The aim is of course so that when there is a new policy or assistance from the government, all active fishermen receive the information. The establishment of a Fishermen’s Administration Center is considered a suitable solution as a manifestation of government policy that supports fishermen’s activities and encourages exports of marine products overseas. The existence of the Fishermen’s Administration Center can be said to be a mouthpiece for fishermen to the government so that the cooperation between the government and fishermen can be realized optimally.

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