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HIPETA “Real Farmers’ Life Association for Realizing Independent Agriculture”

by Senaman
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The realization of an independent and sovereign agricultural system that produces maximum benefits for Indigenous Papuans (OAP) is one of the main objectives of the Special Autonomy policy implemented in Papua. Agriculture which leads to a food security system is certainly a focus that is being aimed at by the government by collaborating with various parties, especially residents of the surrounding community and because of that is why the Real Farmers’ Living Association (HIPETA) was built up. The hope is that the Papuan people will have an independent agricultural system and be able to create food security at least for themselves.

Even though there is the word farmer in HIPETA, in fact this association does not only accommodate farmers but also animal husbandry, plantations, fisheries and forestry. The fields united by it and there are fields that complement each other in an effort to create food security and improve the welfare of society. Starting from agriculture which deals with rice, then animal husbandry related to livestock for meat production, plantations by maximizing the yield of plants such as fruit, coffee, cocoa and also medicinal plants, then fisheries to support fishermen, and also forestry with its wood products .

The Collaboration with the central government and regional governments, the realization of the HIPETA program is carried out with other parties. An example is Bank Papua, the largest bank in Papua. The form of collaboration that takes place is the provision of funds as part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities to be given to HIPETA members. The goal is to make the Papuan people even more productive in the future. The opportunities and possibilities to collaborate with the private sector as long as it is in accordance with the objectives of it.

Deputy President of the Republic of Indonesia, K.H. Ma’ruf Amin also fully supports HIPETA activities. According to him, there is still a lot of natural resource potential in Papua that has not been explored and exposed. For this reason, the central government has granted Special Autonomy so that the Papuan people have the freedom to make the most of what they have for themselves. The Vice President also emphasized that HIPETA is an embodiment of a program planned by the government with various careful considerations so that it can be accepted by the Papuan people and carried out according to its objectives.

HIPETA, which has been running for years, appears capable of managing natural resources in Papua. Yields from agriculture, livestock, plantations, fisheries and forestry increased significantly. Various assistance, whether in the form of facilities, knowledge, or funding, clearly helps the work program planned to be done. Sovereign food security will be able to be achieved if it is able to continue to be consistent and collaborate with various parties, including the central government, regional governments and other parties.

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