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Jayapura: The Papua Provincial Government’s sustainable development focus is to achieve a Green Economy and Healthy Environment by 2024. Aims to create equitable and inclusive economic growth.

Derek Hegemur, Acting Regional Secretary of Papua in Jayapura, said that “That way the next generation of Papuans can see the benefits of green development. So that environmental stability can be maintained and have an impact on society”.

With the government’s focus on developing a green economy in Jayapura by 2024, the community is enthusiastic about the sustainable development system. In addition, the implementation of Special Autonomy must also really have an impact on the community at the local level, “The government will continue to strive to improve welfare and targeted development, said Derek Hegemur.

The development of a Green Economy and Healthy Environment in 2024 is eagerly awaited by the community, because of the enormous impact on the people in Jayapura and makes Jayapura rise in development and very active and productive human resources to run the government program. Because with a focus on encouraging the marine and agricultural economy this can create new jobs, especially for indigenous people in the local area.

Derek Hegemur in Jayapura added that his party is very committed to continuing economic development to grow to the local level in Jayapura. “This is so that economic development can be right on target,” he said. The target to the local level will be the focus of the government so that the growth of green economic development can be felt to the lower levels of society.

He also asked all regional governments in Papua to carry out development that has a positive impact on society. “Including improving people’s standard of living and welfare that focuses on green development and a healthy environment,” said Derek.

Hoping that the Government Program will be implemented as soon as possible so that the impact of the lower community is felt more quickly. And there is no disturbance either from the construction, the location that was targeted from the beginning and the full support of the people of Jayapura for the program that will soon be achieved in 2024.

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