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Local Government Steps for Tambrauw Regency’s Economy

by Senaman
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Papua Daya – The local government has prepared a draft program for Tambrauw to become a Food Resilient Regency. In accordance with local government policies and planning for the realization of the program.

This food resilience program wants to be elevated by planting paddy rice involving the local government (Pemda), farmers, TNI and Polri together with teachers and students of SMK Pertanian in Metyanam Village, Yembun District, Tambrauw Regency, Southwest Papua Province.

Thomas Kofiaga as a local government official explained that in addition to the planting of paddy rice in Yembun District, there are also some field rice in several districts such as Kebar, Amberbaken, Kebar Selatan, Sausapor and Bikar. And it has a huge impact on the economy of the people in Tambrauw Regency.

“The plan is to plant 13 hectares, but we have only symbolically planted 2 hectares of paddy rice, the rest will be planted by the farmers themselves,” explained the Head of Agriculture Thomas Kofiaga.

Tambrauw Regent through the Head of Agriculture Thomas Kofiaga explained that this rice was planted on 13 hectares of rice fields along with superior and good seeds to be prepared to the local government through the DPA of the main APBD of the Department of Agriculture in 2024.

In order to look real and realized, the local government will immediately follow up on the program, and supervise the work until the implementation of the program for Tambrauw regency in Southwest Papua Province.

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