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Distribution of Extreme Poverty Assistance in the Remaining 5 Districts by the Papua Social Service

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PAPUA – Jayawijaya Regency Social Service ensures the distribution of extreme poor assistance in 2023 which will only be paid in 2024, leaving 5 districts that have not been served and while for 10 other districts the distribution has been completed by Mandiri bank officers at the Jayawijaya Regency Government Autonomous Office.

Head of the Jayawijaya Regency Social Service Nikolaus Itlay said, the service of distributing extreme poor assistance in 2023 in 15 districts was delayed due to constraints in the election season, where the bank had to complete the payment of state apparatus such as KPPS, PPS, PPD and KPU in 8 districts, “actually last year in September and November payments were made, only at that time it coincided with the payment of state apparatus, related to KPPS, PPS, PPD and KPU 8 districts, so that the schedule we planned for distribution through accounts was therefore constrained by friends from banks there,” said Nikolaus.

With these obstacles, the Bank proposes that payments be made at the Social Service office, and if the payment is at the Bank, of course the residents will be crowded because the number reaches 7000 people, automatically their services will also be disrupted, therefore it directs them to the Social Service office, “we have been doing services so far for 15 districts, while those that have been served are 10 districts, currently there are 5 districts that are still being served, so for today the people from Usilimo District are served,” explained Nikolaus.

The funds provided by the Government in the distribution of extreme poverty assistance in 2023 amounted to Rp. 7 billion for 15 districts targeted for extreme poverty alleviation, where each family received Rp. 1,000,000, while for extreme poverty assistance in 2024 the target is 4000 more.

Kadinsos Jayawijaya also ensures that if the distribution of extreme poor assistance in 2024 there are regulatory changes made by the agency, where people from 14 districts who receive this assistance are expected to have E-KTP (Electronic KTP), so that if the Banking or Bank wants to help to enter the data in the application all are covered.

Nikolaus also added that his party had held a meeting with the heads of 14 District Heads, in order to direct that all of his people who received this assistance had electronic ID cards, because from Bank Papua, Mandiri Bank and BRI Bank it would not be a problem no matter how large the amount of funds could be included in all, “we hope that in the future it must be account-based, so that we only distribute accounts and the community itself takes them at banks or ATMs, for the distribution of 2023 it also uses accounts but because the queue will take a long time we make it easier to distribute here.” said Nikolaus.

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