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DEVELOPING A GREEN ECONOMY “Economic Program that is Effective for Papua”

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Papua has various economic programs that are adapted to the conditions existing in its society. This includes various resources, both natural and human, so the government feels the need for a special program in the economic sector that is able to maximize what the people in Papua have. Therefore, an economic program called the green economy. The green economy is a program in the economic sector that maximizes the natural resources in Papua by paying attention to the survival of its people while continuing to care for the existing nature so that it remains sustainable.

The green economy program was initiated in a development plan drawn up by the Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia. The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, ordered the Ministry to cooperate with various investors from abroad, including the British Government. The green economy is a program that answers the previous problem, how nature is used but ends up destroying land and even deforestation. There are concerns because if nature continues to be exploited, people in Papua will run out of resources in the future.

The emergence of various kinds of analysis, especially regarding the use of resources, has made the Papuan people feel that something needs to be changed in the economic system that has been in force so far. Nature conservation also needs further attention. The Papuan people have a high level of dependence on natural conditions and the various potentials and riches they possess. However, the Papuan people also want there to be reciprocity between what they do and how they care for nature so that it remains sustainable and can be used in the future.

A balanced focus between exploiting natural wealth and also caring for natural sustainability has enabled the Papuan people to achieve significant results. The harvest yields from various types of commodities they process, such as cocoa, coconut, vanilla and agarwood, continue to increase every year. The investment provided by various parties is also considered to be right on target and have a culture of protecting protected forests but are still able to maximize their natural products.


Papuan realize how important their position is as an indigenous people who live from the nature they have but are also able to care for the protected forests that have been protected and passed down from generation to generation. The economic level of the community there has also increased along with the investment provided. However, nature preservation remains the main target in the green economy program to maintain balance.

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