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MALAUMKARTA “Potential for Empowering Tourism in Papua”

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Papua’s natural wealth and tourism potential are endless. This time, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has officially named Malaumkarta, Makbon District, Sorong Regency, Southwest Papua as the newest tourist destination. Malaukarta is famous for its beautiful maritime tourism. Apart from that, another potential is how there is an interesting tradition that has been passed down between generations to preserve the sea cucumbers in Malaumkarta and this tradition is known as the Egek Tradition. For more information mention about Egek Tradition is to empower sea cucumbers so they can be utilized by local communities.

Malaumkarta is still in the development focus of the local department. Accesses, including roads, bridges and other supporting accesses, are starting to be maintained as much as possible with the aim of making things easier for tourists who will visit. Introduction to local culture is also an important element to pay attention to so that tourists get a unique experience when visiting Malaumkarta. Moreover, there are quite binding rules when tourists want to learn more about the natural conditions in Malaumkarta, such as wanting to participate in harvesting sea cucumbers. The rule that has become a tradition, namely Egek, provides new knowledge to tourists about how the local community pays more and serious attention to sea cucumbers. The government has also issued Regent Regulation Number 7 of 2017 concerning Customary Law and Local Wisdom in the Management and Protection of

Marine Resources in Malaumkarta. The essence of this regulation is regarding how to utilize all natural resources in Malaumkarta following the rules that apply as customary law and are also supported by sanctions that the government is ready to give if they are violated.

The tourism manager in Malaumkarta also has an interesting idea about how the Egek rule applies. The Egek Festival was created which invited tourists to experience all the maritime and fisheries potential in Malaumkarta. Activities include harvesting sea cucumbers, cultivating sea cucumbers, releasing leatherback turtles, planting local plants, and of course the festival which contains small and medium community businesses (UMKM) from the local community selling both merchandise and inviting tourists to shop and come try their hand at making unique handicrafts.


The empowerment program in Malaumkarta pays attention to the interests of tourists in gaining new, unique experiences without neglecting how to continue to preserve existing natural conditions. So that tourism in Malaumkarta can continue to develop and attract many tourists while also being able to continue to protect against damage caused by tourism activities. The customary rules supported by the government show how the tourism empowerment program in Malaumkarta involves many parties with the same interests, namely for the sake of progress and the common good.

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