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Papua Promotes Green Economy and Blue Economy

by Senaman
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JAYAPURA, PAPUA – In the 2024 National Development Planning Conference held by the Ministry of National Development Planning or Bappenas in Jakarta, Monday (6/5). President Jokowi expects Musrenbangnas to be the connector of the central government’s agenda to local governments, so that the planned programs are right on target and felt by the community and also become a screw connecting the central, provincial, district and city agendas so that everything is inline, everything is in harmony and on target and the results are really felt by the people.

Acting Governor of Papua M Ridwan Rumasukun, said that the focus at the National Development Planning Conference yesterday was specifically for Papua itself on the problems of Inflation, Stunting, Open Unemployment, and Extreme Poverty. “We must take care of inflation, stunting, unemployment and extreme poverty. Because the world according to the President is not okay,” said Rumasukun, after attending a coordination meeting to discuss the stages of the nomination of governors and deputy governors of Papua for simultaneous elections in 2024, Tuesday (7/5). Because we in Papua no longer have mines, but we have the potential for a vast and large blue economy and green economy. That way we can increase it to provide income for our region in Papua,” said Rumasukun.

Head of the Communication and Informatics Office, Jeri Agus Yudianto, said that this year’s National Development Planning Conference is very strategic and in addition to preparing the 2025 work plan, it also prepares the Regional Medium-Term Development Plan for the next 20 years, “preparing the RPJMD is related to Papua in the transition of government and regional leadership,” said Jeri.

Official Secretary of Papua Derek Hegemur, said that future development is related to the blue economy and green economy and for the blue economy about marine and fisheries, while the green economy is about plantations and agriculture.

The government will continue to encourage programs to increase community business productivity like this and the goal is to improve community welfare and regional economic progress. “The export of cocoa beans is an important moment to motivate the government and farmers and thus further improve performance in managing natural resources in Papua,” Derek said after the first export of cocoa beans produced by farmers in the earth of paradise as much as 10 tons with the destination of Olam Food Ingredients in Surabaya through the Jayapura Sea Port, Monday (6/5), and in the National Development Planning Conference held in Jakarta on Monday (6/5) attended directly by the Acting Governor of Papua M Ridwan Rumasukun.

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