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Police recruitment program for 2024 welcomed by indigenous leaders in Papua

by Senaman
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JAYAPURA – The current Bintara Polri recruitment program is very good, but there must still be privileges for the children of every Customary Leader in Papua when registering and remembering that so far despite having high intentions it is sometimes complicated in its acceptance, “Today they are very happy to be called to serve the Indonesian state, but their hopes are cut off because they are complicated. That’s why I asked the Kapolda to have privileges for our children when they registered,” said Jayapura District Orgenes Kaway.

Keep in mind that not all Papuans hold customary positions, both tribal chiefs, Ondoafi and Ondofolo, so there must be privileges, because the existence of traditional leaders has been helping the Government in maintaining security stability in the Land of Papua.

Jayapura District Boas Asa Enoch warmly welcomed the program and this program is a form of respect from the Police agency for traditional leaders in Papua, “yes, basically we are very grateful to the Chief of Police with the Chief of Police because they have made efforts to provide honorable opportunities,” said Enoch.

Enoch this plan is also a form of appreciation from the Police for the tribal chiefs and this program was proposed by the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo and Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D. Fakhiri who is not a native of Jayapura, “extraordinary and very appreciative of these ondoafi-ondoafi, they (National Police Chief and Police Chief) are not native to Jayapura but they know exactly how it is a customary child,” said Enoch.

Boas appealed that the process of implementing the recruitment of Police Officer Candidates could later be carried out according to procedures, because he did not want the recruitment to seem forced to fulfill the special quota given to the tribal chief or Ondoafi.

Meanwhile, Yapen Jellin traditional leader Ismail Payai asked that the recruitment process must be carried out openly and transparently and hoped that the children or families of traditional leaders who were accepted into the police were in accordance with the recruitment criteria, “it doesn’t have to be the son of the tribal chief so he must be, he must really also meet the criteria of a recruitment,” said Payai.

Payai wants the recruitment process to have no practices that are indicated by nepotism, therefore he wants the Papua Police to really prepare the program carefully to prevent these problems. Even so, Payai himself also conveyed several things that need to be noted for prospective non-commissioned officers who will register, Payai wants the Papua Police to later also open registration or Regional Sub-Committee (Panda), especially in the Yapen and Waropen Islands Regency, because Payai assesses that children in the Yapen and Waropen Islands Regency have enough difficulties if they want to take part in the recruitment process of Bintara Polri and prospective non-commissioned officers must go to Biak Regency and Jayapura if they pass to the next stage.

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