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Okmin University Papua Campus Development Asked to Be Accelerated by Regent of Pegunungan Bintang

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PAPUA PEGUNUNGAN – Regent of Pegunungan Bintang Regency Spei Yan Bidana, ST, M.Si asked the Papua Regional Settlement Infrastructure Center of the Directorate General of Cipta Karya to seriously supervise the company handling the Okmin Papua University (UOP) building construction project in Serambakon District, Pegunungan Bintang, Papua Pegunungan Province.

After conducting a visit at the campus construction site, it appears that it is still stalled and currently students really need lecture facilities so that it reminds contractors to immediately complete the physical building according to the set time calendar, namely September 2024. “I have received information from the field that the dropping of local materials and from Jayapura is not smooth so that builders are idle because they are waiting for materials and this should not be allowed anymore, I have called and reprimanded them,” said Spei Bidana.

He also admitted that he was disappointed with the performance of the two tender-winning companies, namely PT Relis Satindo Utama, an Operation Cooperation company with PT Silimo Indah Perkasa, which was handling the construction work of the university building that was the pride of the Government and the people of Papua Mountains, especially the Bintang Mountains. The former Head of the Regional Development Planning Agency of the Bintang Mountains assessed that the twelve campus building facilities that were being built on a four-hectare land in Serambakon District had not experienced much progress in the last month.

According to Spei, the struggle to get Rp 60 billion worth of assistance from the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of the Republic of Indonesia to build the University was not easy and the PUPR Ministry had budgeted in the previous year but was rejected by the Ministry of Finance.

Okmin University Papua is a private campus, but he made various efforts with his team by writing to the Vice President’s Secretariat office and convincing the Central Government that the location of the university was very strategic because it was on the border of the Republic of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Supervising Consultant for the Construction of Okmin University of Papua Uyun Arung Allo, ST said, this work was handled by PT Relis Satindo Utama (KSO) with PT Silimo Indah Perkasa and the total budget was Rp. 60.4 billion with a working period of 365 days, starting from the contract date as of December 11, 2023. “Indeed, from the weight it seems that the progress graph of this work is fairly slow and they started working on installing the perimeter fence in January the second week and if we are based on the work schedule, this has entered the 15th week it should have started roofing the lecturer’s house, library, and classrooms and hopefully this week it can close the roof, because indeed the high rainfall factor lately in the Bintang Mountains also has an effect,” said Arung.

Arung explained that the work that has not progressed at all is the construction of the rectorate building, faculties, and department or study program rooms. Arung sees that there are still obstacles to land maturation, especially land that is still muddy and must be stockpiled. “So the rectorate building must be stockpiled first and hopefully this week there will be fill in, then the department and faculty rooms have not been at all and I asked them, the reason is that they have two excavators but one of them is damaged,” said Arung.

Meanwhile, four units of lecturer houses and the library will be roofed this week and two classrooms are currently only building foundations, all of these buildings use semi-permanent construction with ceramic floors, wooden walls and trusses, and galvanized spandex roofs.

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