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Manokwari – Knowledge is crucial in the era of globalization and modernization. Every person has the right to access knowledge and to hold onto it from time to time. Indonesia is a country rich in authors with books that are published from time to time, but reading interest in Indonesia is still not good, let alone sufficient. To change this stigma, the government must act quickly and decisively to counteract the decline in reading since childhood. For example, the Provincial Government of West Papua has prepared the development of a regional library with the concept of a small museum, which is intended to provide a platform and pre-platform for knowledge in the region. The mini museum library will store all archives and documents related to the history of the province’s formation.

According to the Head of Cultural and Information Services of West Papua, Barnabas Dowansiba, the library is not only a center for literacy in Papua but also a museum of knowledge and history from critical documents for the development of the region and the people of Papua. Barnabas explained that the library will be built in Regency Manokwari, and it will also be equipped with digital library facilities and a local shop (UMKM) stand.

Moreover, in the library and museum, there will also be traditional clothing from the seven regencies in West Papua, such as Manokwari, Manokwari South, Pegunungan Arfak, Teluk Bintuni, Teluk Wondama, Kaimana, and Fakfak.

Barnabas also mentioned that the library has been multi-dimensional, and its concept is as large as a mini museum. He also added that all original works of the Papuan people must be protected and preserved so that from generation to generation, every generation can see the history, culture, knowledge, and important events that have occurred in their homeland. Considering that this era is very advanced and easily accessible, it is important for the younger generation in West Papua to preserve, understand, and preserve their homeland.

There are two options for the location of the development of the mini museum library. Each option has a land area of one hectare and one hectare more. Both lands will first be surveyed by the technical team of the province so that the development of the library will provide value, benefit, and knowledge to the people of West Papua. The location must be good and suitable, from the legal aspects of the land, price, land contour, and strategic factors for the surrounding community to approach.

The development of the Mini Museum Library is allocated from the budget of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology through a special allocation fund (DAK) from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. With this, the provincial government should promptly respond with a report if the research and land survey is completed and valid.

Barnabas acknowledged that coordination has been made with the Ministry in the development of the Mini Museum Library, specifically the Department of Assets. After completing the research, it will go through several stages, including to the Governor and then to the Ministry.


Once again, the local government is committed to preserving all the culture and history of the original people of Papua, with the aim of not being erased by digitalization. The development of the mini museum library is a commitment from the local government so that the younger generation in Papua can learn about history in a comprehensive way. Because if it is not preserved now, the next generation will not know about the history and art of the original people of Papua.

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