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The paradise of eastern Indonesia, and is often called Papua. The reason why it is called that is because it is based on unlimited natural potential and wealth. Papua has a lot of the richest and we can mention it from the agricultural, mining, culture, and also fisheries sectors.

The fishing profession is one type of work that many Papuan people pursue. The condition of the landscape which has many waters with various types of fish has made the Papuan people devote themselves to being fishermen for a living. The tradition of fishing is taught from a young age. In fact, processed fish food is one of Papua’s typical food preparations. So from these things it can be said how fishermen have become an important existence in Papua. The government does not turn a blind eye to how fishermen are one of the most important factors capable of supporting the lives of the people there. Therefore, the government plays a role in empowering fishermen so that they can continue to go to sea and fish. The enormous potential of fishermen and the fisheries sector makes it necessary to have an empowerment program that accommodates this. Various plans such as exporting fishermen’s catches in Papua are also being formulated in order to further increase the abilities of fishermen and also improve the fishermen’s standard of living. The government provides assistance to the best in efforts to empower fishermen in Papua.

The Department of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in Papua is implementing a fishermen empowerment program in an effort to export fish caught by fishermen in various stages. Starting from providing information regarding what types of fish are sold abroad. The other act the fishermen were also told how to catch these fish with maximum results, including post-catching handling so that the fish caught were still fresh and met quality standards so they could be exported. After it was felt that it had enough information regarding fish export procedures, the Papua Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Service immediately taught them how to practice implementing the theories they had learned. The relevant departments also help provide fishing equipment to get the maximum number of fish and also cooling equipment to store fish that have been caught.



The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Service in Papua also collaborates with fishermen’s cooperatives in Papua and Fishermen’s Associations in Papua for the purposes of outreach, distribution of aid, and most importantly, data collection regarding information regarding the number of active fishermen. The aim is of course that fishermen in Papua receive the same assistance, both in terms of knowledge and tools that support fishermen’s productivity. So that programs such as fish exports can be carried out by all fishermen in Papua

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