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Preparation of the West Papua Province Football Team in Preparation for National Sports Week

by Senaman
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The 21st National Sports Week in Indonesia will be held in 2024. in September. The locations are in two provinces, Aceh and North Sumatra. Of course, as the most prestigious sports event, all representatives from all provinces of Indonesia start preparing their athletes to fight for medals. The province of West Papua is no exception. As the province is famous for its football, sports fans in West Papua pay a lot of attention to this sport. The training camp program starts in May-June. The goal is to teach their football players how to stay in shape and win competitions.

Training camp is a regular program for football teams wherever they are. Planning a training camp takes into account several factors, from improving physical condition, mental preparation of the athletes, and last but not least, the chemistry between the players. Eleven-a-side football requires not only physical and mental preparation, but also chemistry between players to understand each other’s positions, roles and parts. The game of soccer requires good chemistry between players in the teams, so when organizing and coaching, players already know where their teammates are and don’t get confused about who to send when it’s time to help them. defend when it’s time to play forward and attack, and also complementing each other’s weaknesses.

The West Papua provincial football team coach said physical, mental and chemistry aspects will be looked at more closely during the training camp. However, according to him, the player’s physical condition should be considered first. The most important thing for the coach is to improve the physical condition of the football players in the West Papua Province is above average, but the coach wants to keep their physical condition as high as possible through various means, e.g. VO2 Max from the players. So when their physical condition is good, their mental and chemistry problems will improve over time.

The training camp for footballers in the West Papua province means more than just training by themselves. However, the players also have a training schedule with participants from other provinces for the upcoming national sports week. In fact, the training camp also includes training programs with academy of any Indonesian professional clubs. During this short period of time, approximately three months before the national sports week, the football athletes representing West Papua province should be in the best physical, mental and chemistry condition. That the effort put in so far would achieve the goal of a gold medal.

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