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NATHANIA WOHEL “Wonderkid Swimmer from Papua”

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Raised Up Of Papuan Golden Era – Let’s talk about the other field of sport, this time the sport that shows serious talent and talent is swimming. a 9 year old girl surprised me with her extraordinary talent. Winning nine gold medals from one championship organized by Musamus University, Nathania Zefanya Wohel became famous. After this competition, the girl usually called Nia, won many more medals from various types of competitions in which she participated. Nia wants to continue to be proud of her homeland, Papua.

Her talent was immediately apparent when he was still young and in kindergarten. Her skills in swimming made her parents enroll Nia in a swimming club in Merauke, Papua, namely the Cendrawasih Swimming Club. It was from this club that Nia’s talents were honed starting from being given training portions, being handled by the right coaches, and of course gaining experience by taking Nia into various competitions, both local and national.

The various competitions that Nia took part in helped shape her winning mentality. Of course, in a race there will be defeat as an option when you can’t be the winner. Defeats were inevitable in the competitions in which Nia participated. However, Nia continues giving her best as a form of gratitude for being given such abundant talent means she doesn’t stop when she experiences defeat. In fact, Nia has learned a lot from the defeats she has suffered.

Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI) of South Papua, as the agency that manages athletes from Papuas for Indonesia, also pays attention to Nia as a potential athlete in the future. KONI of South Papua awarded awards to Nia so she could train more actively. The best training facilities are also provided so that Nia can continue to develop her talents and be able to compete with the best swimmers in all regions and even the world.


Nia certainly has a strong desire to one day be able to compete for Indonesia in world events and even in the Olympic swimming events. This dream was realized starting from defending his school in the National Student Sports Olympiad (02SN) at the regional level until he managed to get a gold medal and continued to the national level to get another gold medal. Appearing in the World Olympics is certainly Nia’s dream, which she continues to strive for with various types of training and support from parents, coaches, and KONI.

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